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The technical creations of Hautlence

| By Frank Geelen | 3 min read |

Hautlence, a Neuchâtel based young watch brand, just recently released their newest creation. The spectacular design and technical aspects of HL2.0 get a lot of attention on the internet. But how much do you know about the different HL collections?

The first collection Hautlence released was the HL collection featuring a remarkable TV screen shaped case. And at least as remarkable is everything that is visible on the dial side. A jumping disk revealing the hours and a retrograde minute hand with it’s entire mechanics visible. Especially the mechanics of the retrograde minute hand in the TV screen shaped case stood out from the crowd, when it was released.

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After the brand was created in 2004, the first watch of the HL collection was launched in 2005. In the following years more model in this collection and the HLs collection where launched. In 2008 the round HLq collection was launched. These collections all feature the for Hautlence so typical way to display hours and minutes.

Instead of a disk displaying the jumping hour through a fixed aperture, Hautlence displays the hours on a fixed disk. On top of that a disk with an aperture jumps to reveal the hour. Technically this is no walk in the park, because this kind of jumping hour display requires more energy and inertia. Now how does this work? The canon pinion of the traditional minute hand (1) rotates 360 degrees in one hour. Attached to this canon pinion is a cam (2) which moves a rod (3) through the intermediary of a so-called sensor (4). Because of this, the rod (3) moves from right to left.

Are you still with me? Sure hope so… Now the rod (3) moves the minute hand (6) via an intermediary connecting rod (5). The rod (3) is connected with a spring and several gears that control the jumping disk that reveals the hours. Here’s a photo of an old movement to compare.

Of course there’s much more to it, however let’s be honest. I’m a watch aficionado and no technical engineer nor a watchmaker. Hautlence has three different collections using this for Hautlence so typical way to display time. The newest addition to Hautlence’s collections is the HL2.0. On the different forums and website that’s been much amazement and cheering about this technical marvel. After reading about it and even after seeing it myself I’m still blown away by this timepiece. In a previous post i explained more about the Hautlence HL2.0 and how it works.

Especially the combination of design and technique is something that makes my watch-loving heart beat faster. The rotating escapement can be admired through the crystal, that is wrapped around it. From both front and back side the hour chain and every cam, lever, gear, etc that moves it, can also be admired. Although it’s a watch that tells the time, this is also a technical masterpiece that will be enjoyed by every man who used to be crazy about Meccano or Lego. And like on the HL collection, Hautlence choose again to reveal much of the technical parts of the watch. Just take a look at the escapement…

This year Hautlence released a new version with honeycomb dial in the HL collection. This particular model in titanium is an absolute pleasure to wear. The size is perfect, it feels great around the wrist and the looks… are just stunning. So round to round it up, a wristshot of my favorite Hautlence, the HL-Ti with honeycomb dial of the new 2010 collection.

More information can be found at the HAUTLENCE website.

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