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Lewis Hamilton with a Unique Full-Black IWC Big Pilot For ‘Black Lives Matter’

A purpose-built full-black version of IWC's Big Pilot, with a clear message.

| By Nick Gould | 2 min read |
Lewis Hamilton IWC Big Pilot Full Black On Bracelet - Black Lives Matter

The Covid-19 pandemic saw major sports around the world grind to a halt, due to the devastating impact of the virus and its spread. This included Formula 1, which has just restarted in the last few weeks, albeit with no crowds due to the coronavirus still causing havoc around the world. And prior to the Grand Prix that took place this weekend, Lewis Hamilton, an ambassador for IWC, has been spotted with something quite special on his wrist. 

During the qualifying for the Grand Prix of Austria, Mercedes driver, Lewis Hamilton sported an IWC Big Pilot Perpetual Calendar, with something we have never seen before on a Big Pilot. Hamilton’s Big Pilot was a one-off piece made by IWC to reflect the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement, which Hamilton has been a vocal supporter. In support of Hamilton, the Mercedes Formula 1 team changed the colour scheme of both their cars from silver to black to stand against racism and all forms of discrimination.

Lewis Hamilton IWC Big Pilot Full Black On Bracelet - Black Lives Matter
Photo by Steve Etherington

The timepiece created for Hamilton is (very possibly) a black ceramic Big Pilot Perpetual Calendar with a minimalist full-black dial. The only apertures visible are the double moonphase and the year indicator.  All the rest of the sub-dials are in a matte black colour, blending into the dial. 

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The other standout aspect of the watch is the matching matte black bracelet. As far as we know, this is the first time ever a metallic (or ceramic) bracelet has appeared on a Big Pilot’s Watch in history. The addition of the bracelet gives it a completely different profile and makes it stand out even more on the wrist. Clearly not the most legible watch around but one that has a very strong personality – and echoes an equally strong message.

Lewis Hamilton IWC Big Pilot Full Black On Bracelet - Black Lives Matter

Featured photo by Steve Etherington.

17 responses

  1. I cannot believe that IWC supports people who want Marxism and call themselves “Comrade”.

  2. Personally, I do not see the interest in making a watch with so many complications so dark that it is difficult to read. I think that here form has prevailed over substance. The IWC is not the only example available on the market of these “darkened” watches but paying a fortune for a hard to read watch…

  3. I have considered many times buying a Portuguese, I’m glad I never did. We don’t need watch brands supporting violent communists.

  4. When one’s long-held low opinion of a brand serendipitously intersects with an example of their shameless opportunism…it feels good to be validated.

    One very, very funny little fact in all this is that Richemont’s chairman is still Johann Rupert. Yes, him. Lol

  5. I love how Lewis is making everyone proactive in the movement or at least uncomfortable. Its also clear to see where people stand. I haven’t seen so much hatred and vitriol spilled towards a driver in 30 years of watching f1. And his crime? Supporting diversity and kneeling for an anthem. I hope he never stops. GOAT!

  6. I’d love a bracelet version of a Big Pilot (live is a leather rotting hot country). However this looks like an old titainium aquatimer bracelet that doesn’t quite fit right.

    Despite that, I agree with the sentiment, as a one off is not profiting by getting on the bandwagon, and it doesn’t look like they have gone out of their way for publicity. Probably Lewis asking for something personal.

  7. A statement for socialism? Or capitalism at its lowest ? Either way, I don’t need my Mercedes Benz or my IWC watch to speak for me. Brands that I will avoid in the future.

  8. I have no interest in IWC or the asinine opinions and personal prejudices of a narcissist.
    What shocks me the most is the inordinate number of gullible individuals duped into the delusion of ‘Black Lives Matter’, which, contrary to its name, is disingenuous about black lives. BLM as a political project is more interested in fostering white guilt than improving the welfare of black people.

  9. Whatever your feelings are about BLM is up to you ,however I think the watch looks good to a point.
    There’s too many complications that cannot be read comfortably and maybe the hand could have been a burgundy or turquoise Colour ( maybe).
    The strap is a great addition though makes it stand out more.

  10. What an ugly piece! I respect the support but the piece is so damn ugly. And why did they choose a perp cal? Plus that metal bracelet fit is just ridiculous.

  11. WHY? Why did you have to go there Monochrome? You know BLM is a controversial organization. I don’t log on to Monochrome to get my world news. I love reading about and looking at watches that I didn’t know existed. Watches that I could never afford yet still love the mechanics, the workmanship, it’s amazing what people can do no matter their color. Some love to build and create others like to complain and destroy. Please don’t go the hidden messages political route with your news letter. Love the petrol articles too!!!

  12. defininitely makes me much less likely to purchase a IWC timepiece if they would support such a racist cause as “black lives matter” …as if no other lives matter.

  13. Wow,a ton of comments for this site. Why is he wearing a chain and lock ? Does perceive himself owned ? By love ? By money ? By what ? If he is “owned” I want to be that kind of owned ! lol

  14. Can’t understand that hate. Sorry to read these watch peoples…they can reject IWC watches for their support to BLM if they want…but watch world will be better in keeping them with love.

  15. Looks GOOD and a proper tribute for BLM. Well done Lewis and IWC.
    History will recall the names and deeds of the noble people, of all races, that behaved courageously in the face of adversity, and spoke out strongly on matters of right and wrong in a world full of abusive petty prejudices instigated by petty people.
    Anyone that doesn’t like – Bite it!


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