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Conor McGregor with a Stunning and Rare Green Patek Philippe 5905P

A green Patek that has something to do with Ireland.

| By Brice Goulard | 2 min read |

No surprises to see Conor McGregor, the flamboyant Irish professional mixed martial artist and boxer, mostly known for his fight against the equally flamboyant boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr., in an episode of “Spotted”. His love for watches, mostly Rolex and Patek Philippe, is clearly visible on his Instagram feed, regularly showing some of his preferred timepieces – and some green dial Rolex pieces, as a reference to his nationality. But earlier today, McGregor posted something quite special. It is green, it is a Patek and you’ve probably never seen it before.

McGregor often flaunts his Irish patriotism and is a fervent wearer of the green-white-orange flag and the symbolic colour green. This also shows in his taste for watches, as he owns multiple green dial Rolex pieces, for instance, the quite handsome Day-Date 40 in Everose gold with green dial. Posted a few hours ago was a straightforward, 100% watch oriented watch-nerd post on his Instagram account, once again with a green dial watch… But one that you’ve probably never seen before.

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Indeed, Conor McGregor shows his newly acquired Patek Philippe 5905 Annual Calendar Chronograph, with the exact reference 5905P-014 and with an unprecedented combination of platinum case and green dial – and don’t search for it on Patek’s website, it isn’t listed there.

The story behind this watch, as he explains in the caption under the images – thank you Conor for the insight – is linked to Ireland. This green 5905P is a limited edition of 25 pieces made for Ireland’s Weir & Sons Jewellers, based in Dublin and official retailer for Patek Philippe. Quite a bold watch, but we can’t blame McGregor for his purchase. This is a very desirable piece, indeed.


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6 responses

  1. This guy’s a douchebag who has fights in the streets. A better article would have dealt away with the prick, and focused on the special edition watch instead. Too bad, but it’s easier to follow an instagram account of a “celebrity” and repost…

  2. Should have done this article with a focus on the watch and dealer. Never mentioning the buyers especially this asshole.

  3. A few years ago Weir’s would have not allowed this knacker inside the door, now they close the shop to the public to allow him shop privately.
    What BS.
    BTW – I’m irish and can’t stand him or anything about him.

  4. The green eyed monster is strong with you (george, nono,anthony). This guy had the game played, with resulting fortune. Whereas you guys are NOBODIES. ha ha ha

  5. Thank you nacnud the voice of reason. Anthony who cares that you’re Irish? Bitter little haters sprout up everywhere ya know 😉 go make your own fortune and buy yourself a nice watch, it can’t be fun to piss and moan that’s not living.

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