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The Santos de Cartier Goes Blue from Strap to Bezel

A new, blue version of the brand's sports watch.

| By Brice Goulard | 2 min read |
Santos de Cartier Large Model Blue PVD 2022

Since its introduction in 2018, the Santos de Cartier has been the best example of a sporty/luxury watch for the brand. With its interesting mix of traditional, dare I say emblematic design with casual elements and overall robustness, it has since been seen in various editions designed to add a touch of boldness to the collection. In addition to the classic steel models, but also versions with a gradient blue dial or a black-coated case, it now comes with a new blue-coated bezel and new dials, all featuring an unprecedented striped pattern. Meet the new blue Santos de Cartier for Watches and Wonders 2022.

While faithfulness and traditional elegance are to be found in the Santos-Dumont collection, the classic Santos de Cartier is a sporty, casual luxury watch with daily wear in mind. Hence the relative heft of the case, its modern dimensions and decent water-resistance make it a weekend-ready Cartier. With this in mind, it’s also a great vehicle for colour combinations, playing with the multiple elements of its case.

Santos de Cartier Large Model Blue PVD 2022

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As part of the 2022 collection, Cartier is releasing new models with several evolutions besides just new dial colours. Based on the large model in stainless steel, meaning a watch that measures 39.8mm in width, 47.5mm in length and 9.37mm in height, the brand has added a new bezel. For the first time in this revamped collection, the Santos de Cartier has a patterned bezel with horizontal grooves and is coated in blue PVD for a striking contrast. The functional screws all around have been kept in uncoated steel.

Santos de Cartier Large Model Blue PVD 2022

New to these models too are the dials. Relying on the same concept as the bezel, it features a central area with horizontal grooves too. Gone are the classic blue hands, which have here been replaced by larger luminous hands. The Roman numerals seem to be applied and not painted (to be confirmed when we see the watches). The dial is available either in brushed dark blue to match the bezel or in brushed silver, matching the steel of the case. In both versions, the watch is entirely two-toned.

One of the greatest aspects of the Santos de Cartier, when it was revised in 2018, was the addition of the QuickSwitch system, allowing to change between the bracelet and the rubber strap without tools. The concept has been retained and these new models are delivered with both a steel bracelet with a folding clasp and a blue rubber strap that mimics the look of the bracelet.

The watch is still powered by the Calibre 1847 MC, an automatic movement first introduced on the 2015 Clé de Cartier and produced by the group’s ValFleurier manufacture. A classic, relatively simple yet reliable engine that beats at 4He and stores 42 hours of power reserve.

The new 2022 Blue PVD Santos de Cartier large models will be available in the coming weeks. The price is EUR 6,650 (excl. taxes). For more details, please visit

13 responses

  1. This right here is an example of why the Crown does not mess with the Sub. I am very surprised to see this from Cartier who are normally the masters of elegant design… Ugh.

  2. Cartier is on fire the last few years.
    This however, I would set on fire myself before it lays eggs.

  3. The gold and beige dial Santos Dumont that Cartier released is quite classy and beautiful. This however is quite the opposite. Not a fan. At all.

  4. Have I missed the point somewhere?
    I think it looks good on the blue dial – why do so many fear change? It HAS to stay as it always has been. With that mindset, mankind would have grounded to a halt millenia ago…!
    Loosen up fellow horologists & let the new era of Cartier design wash over you…….

  5. You folks are nuts. The blue dial version is pure fire. I’m buying one for sure. Can’t decide between the steel or blue strap. Protege blue strap.. yea that’s it.

  6. So many fools here… this watch looks amazing. had the chance to already try it on and both dials look extraordinary. SO tired of seeing alway the same Rolex…. this is pure class.

  7. Anyone know whether this is a limited edition? I heard it’s limited maybe in 2022 or limited in number, anyone know more?

  8. Tried on today and purchased blue dial. Supposedly only available this year and then going away.

  9. After well over 2 years of hemming and hawing, going to my AD multiple times….. I’ve tried the new 2022 Santos n white dial/Blue roman numerals and fell in love immediately with the watch. I put it on my wrist, and told the sales person I’ll take it without much thinking!! I love so much the blue 🔵 tone and how it’s synchs with the overall them and design language of the watch.

    On a side note, Cartier boutique manager informed me this model (along with the blue dial) are limited production run for 2022.
    I am a happy and grateful owner of this beautiful iconic timepiece!

  10. My wife purchase this watch recently at the Cartier Mansion in NYC. Beautiful contrast with the blue against a white face dial. Love it. I was told it was a limited production and so happy my wife was able to get one for me.

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