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Rolex Day-Date Exhibition

| By Frank Geelen | 3 min read |
Rolex Day-Date 40

This year, 2016, marks the 60th anniversary of the Rolex Day-Date, the watch that is often referred to as ‘President’s watch’. In March of this year Rolex showed us the Day-Date 60th Anniversary Edition Green Dial, and we took that opportunity to A) show you that great-looking timepiece and B) to tell you everything about the Day-Date’s history. Originally introduced in 1956 the Day-Date has only been made in precious metals (besides a few one-off exceptions, like this one), and it quickly became the epitome of the luxury watch for successful people. For this entire year the Rolex Day-Date exhibition has traveled the world and now arrives in my home town, The Hague, Netherlands. Time for us to have a look at a rather extraordinary traveling exhibition, that is now on display at Schaap & Citroen in Den Haag, our local Rolex dealer. 

Now we could have told you about all the impressive technicalities of the Day-Date’s new movement. Of course it’s an in-house movement, and I think in this case, since we’re talking about Rolex, it’s known to everyone that they only use their own movements. However we already did a breakdown of the most important elements of the new calibre 3255 when it was introduced in the new Day-Date 40 last year. This model, the Rolex Day-Date 40, is the successor of the Day-Date II, and comes back to the classis and classy style of the original Day-Date, only a bit bigger and better suited for contemporary taste. So no technical story today, however something that non-other than sir Jackie Stewart told me earlier this year.

In the intro I mentioned that many consider the Rolex Day-Date as THE luxury watch for successful people, and that’s an image that the Genevan-based brand helped create themselves. The number of advertisements that the brand did back in the 1960’s, showing their most precious timepiece, next to someone or something impressive, was certainly not missing the point. Above you can Sir Jackie on the front cover of a magazine, next to that he’s in a Rolex advertisement, and next to that is the Rolex ad that made him buy his first Rolex Day-Date. The legendary racing driver wasn’t shy to show his respect and passion for the brand, that he has become an ambassador for.

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“The Rolex Day-Date is named the “President’s Watch” because Presidents Kennedy, Johnson, Ford, Reagan, Nixon and Roosevelt were all wearers of this icon”

Now there aren’t that many icons in the world of watches. We can think of a few, and a large part of those few are created by one and the same brand, namely Rolex. The Day-Date a.k.a. the president’s watch celebrates its 60th anniversary and the exhibition they created for that is very informative, and factual, and it’s interesting to have a good talk about this watch, as can only be done about the true icons.

The exhibition comprises a “presidential” bracelet with informative displays, including several video screens, and a larger Day-Date collection that can be admired. I’d recommend to have a talk with some one of the staff, as they are well informed about the Day-Date and can tell you a lot of interesting facts. And of course, you could try one on the wrist. If you’re in The Hague, or close-by, make sure to visit this exhibition. Tonight they’re having a cocktail party, and maybe you can join them. However make sure to check with them if they have places available for the cocktail party (you can call them at +31 70 365 7800 or send them an email at [email protected])

And if you want to read that typical technical Monochrome-style story about the Day-Date, then have a look at what our managing editor Brice wrote about the Day-Date 40 upon its introduction here.

Don’t forget to pay a visit to Schaap & Citroen in The Hague and check out the exhibition, and talk with their team about the iconic Day-Date. The exhibition is from today until Sunday 11 December.

Here’s a link to the Dutch website of Schaap & Citroen Den Haag.


Rolex Day-Date 40 in 18k white gold with green dial

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  1. Thank you for the information. For 2017, any idea if there will be a black dial available for the day/date 40 in rose gold? Hopefully with diamonds and rubies like on the day/date 2 model that was discontinued. Thanks in advance for your reply. Steve

  2. Possibly a silly question- if it was introduced in 1956 how could President Roosevelt have worn it?

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