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Patek Philippe to Release the Baby-Blue Nautilus 5711/1A-018 for Tiffany’s 170th Anniversary

Only 170 pieces of what will certainly become the world's most coveted timepiece will be made

| By Brice Goulard | 3 min read |
Double Signed Baby-Blue Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711:1A-018 for Tiffany 170th Anniversary

This just in… Yes, you’ve read correctly, there’s a new edition of the Nautilus coming. And while we thought the Olive Green version to be the last of the 5711 series – and that’s what was claimed back when it was introduced – The New York Times just broke the news that there’s actually a sequel to the last of the Nautilus 5711, a watch that will be made in extremely low quantities – even less than the Olive Green model – a watch made to celebrate an important anniversary of one of their oldest partners, and a watch that is not just about the double-signed dial, but also about an unprecedented dial colour. And yes, this is the new Baby-Blue Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711/1A-018 for Tiffany’s 170th Anniversary. And it’s not fake news.

The 5711 is, by far, the most coveted timepiece on the market today – at least when it comes to mainstream luxury brands. Recently, the brand’s president, Mr Stern, announced the end of the model (to be replaced of course) by launching an olive green edition, under the reference 5711/1A-014. Known to be almost unattainable, this watch quickly became the tool of all speculators, with some examples selling for more than 10 times its RRP. And we thought that after this green edition of the Nautilus 5711, there won’t be anything else to expect from this series, but only a new model to be released – most probably for Watches & Wonders 2022. But we were wrong.

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To most collectors’ surprise, Patek Philippe is indeed releasing a last of the last Nautilus 5711, but not one they manufactured to their own boutiques, but one made for one of the brand’s oldest partners 170th anniversary – and that baby blue colour is certainly known by most, being the signature tone of Tiffany, the famed jeweller and watch retailer now owned by LVMH.

As explained by the NYT, “known as Ref. 5711/1A-018, this Nautilus will be limited to 170 pieces to honor the 170th anniversary of Patek Philippe’s partnership with Tiffany” adding to that the fact that “the retailer is planning to consign to Phillips for its New York watch auction on Saturday, with proceeds benefiting The Nature Conservancy, a global environmental organization.

Double Signed Baby-Blue Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711:1A-018 for Tiffany 170th Anniversary

The New York Times also points something important and surely expected “The frenzy that is sure to erupt among longtime Patek Philippe collectors and important Tiffany clients over those 170 timepieces is likely to be almost unprecedented.

The 170 examples of the double-signed, Baby-Blue Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711/1A-018 for Tiffany’s 170th Anniversary will retail at USD 52,635 and will be differentiated by their unique dial colour – the signature Tiffany Blue – but also the black gold applied markers and hands, the metallic framed date window and, of course, the retailer’s signature at 6 o’clock. The caseback also reveals a specific sapphire with anniversary mentions.

Mr Stern also adds that an “easter egg” will be hidden on each of the watches… Now that’s something we’d like to know more about.

You can read all the details in Victoria Gomelsky’s article recently published by The New York Times here.

12 responses

  1. In French we say: “faut pas casser le jouet” which translates to “don’t break the toy”. The green Nautilus was close enough to endangering the credibility of this great brand, but this is in the danger zone purely and squarely. And 170 is not even a round enough number to justify anything of that nature. The only thing this will do is push the Tiffany blue Oyster Perpetual even further into hype territory and bring the bubble closer to busting.

  2. The ugliest Nautilus ever made.
    PP is totally out of my league but I do not think that a true PP passionate and customer could ever appreciate such a sad goodbye from one of the most iconic watch in the world.

  3. The nautilus is no longer a watch. As a watch it’s a bit better than average. I don’t deny its nice blue dial and the original shape of the case. but that’s it. It is no longer a watch. It could have been a stone or a shoe, but people decided they all want it, so its price is just ridiculous. No other word ca describe it. I have a simple rule: would I pay more for a nautilus than say a Lange 1815 chronograph? HELL NOT! not even half! so that’s what I might pay for a nautilus if I ever wanted one. Any single cent more, sorry for breaking a taboo, you are a plain idiot! and no not all ideas, civilizations and cultures are equal.

  4. Much as I like Patek Philippe as brand I have admired from afar I have to agree with the assertion that this “Final” (Is really though?) Edition of the 5711 is somewhat demeaning of the brand and will spark huge speculation in the market. In logical terms this 5711 makes no real sense, a Calatrava with a Tiffany signed dial as a limited edition would make more historical sense as I suspect Tiffany sold many more of those than it did 5711s. It also raises a further issue – if PP discontinue the 5711 then that is what they should do – no further models. I fear this “drip feed” of “Final” models is likely to continue. There must be another PP retailer with a random anniversary somewhere in the world that wants “in” on the gravy train. I would also have to agree with EM that in 2021, as a watch and no more, the 5711 is a very well put together and superbly well finished but mechanically average device. This analysis misses the point of the market for this watch in 2021, this watch is now a commodity due to several years of social media hype, celebrity “culture” (an oxymoron to rival any) and PP’s own reluctance to produce more stainless steel sports watches. In short people want what they (think) they cannot have. In this sense the 5711 is even more of a “unicorn” than any Rolex with one big advantage for those who are able to obtain one after along wait, namely, that at the end of the wait the customer will own a perfectly executed, hand finished piece of horological art from one of the “Holy Trinity” of watchmakers which has the advantage that it can be used a currency whereas the person waiting for a Rolex will own a mass produced, machine made, distinctly average watch largely indistinguishable from any other similarly produced watch but for a little crown on the dial. However again, due to the hype over Rolex watches, (largely caused due to the horological ignorance of the social media “influencers” that equate simple, mass produced Rolex watches with brands like PP and Audemars Piguet) the Submariner, GMT Master etc are all now commodities. What this means is that as with all commodities markets there will at some point be a bubble that bursts.

  5. Maybe, just maybe, this is that one ‘tulip’ that makes the bubble burst … 😉

  6. This will sell for obnoxious money in the secondary market. However, I have to agree with most comments above: PP are playing a dangerous game at this point. Perhaps Mr. Stern is after all not that afraid of becoming a “one watch company” (as AP arguably has). I have to say that the new(ish) 6119 was top of my list as the next addition to the collection, but this release made me see the error in my ways and I would rather hand over the money to Lange (who do not embarrass themselves in this manner) or Vacheron (who do not embarrass themselves in this manner either… even though some design decisions lately make me wonder).

  7. So Mr Stern keeps saying how he has discontinued 5711 because he was tired of all the hype 5711 has stirred up. But he uses ever opportunity to he can to hype up 5711. He says how Nautilus is not everything Patek has to offer, but he uses every opportunity to hype up Nautilus line. Why the hell did he put LVMH logo on Patek Philippe watch? It’s equivalent of Hermes putting Longchamp logo on Birkin bag.

  8. Just a ridiculous thing to have done… Patek have not done themselves or their ‘normal clientele any favours with this piece.

    It is elitism in its most vulgar form.

  9. What are rolex, patek and audemars doing? Making clowns out of their watches…
    2 year wait line for oyster perpetual!?
    Only idiot would wait for that.
    And this insame prices on pateks, not that they are all hand made, they are partialy hand made like rolexes, lange is more hand made than patek.

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