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Rebellion T-1000 with 41 Days of Power Reserve is almost sold out

| By Frank Geelen | 2 min read |

Is it the Mars rover Curiosity? Is it a miniature robot tank? No… Last week a friend posted some photos of the über-impressive Rebellion T-1000 movement, that looked quite similar to photos I made during Baselworld 2010, when the Rebellion T-1000 was introduced.

Something that I hadn’t realized is that the Rebellion T-1000 is a limited edition of just 100 pieces. And guess what, they’re almost sold out! According to Ian, who made the photos, there are less than 10 pieces available and that leaves the opportunity for just a few persons to buy this incredibly impressive watch with a power reserve of more then 1,000 hours or 41 days!

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As the photos show, the movement can be finished in different colors and I’m sure orange is an option as well. Nice and playful maybe, but don’t be fooled by how serious this timepiece actually is. It was the first wrist watch with six (6!!) main spring barrels, it was also the first (and still the only) wrist watch with an immense power reserve of 41 days. The Lange 31 from A. Lange & Söhne was the holder of the record of wrist watch with the biggest power reserve. That record has been annihilated by Rebellion, however the Lange 31 still holds the record of 31 days of power reserve held together in one (1!) main spring barrel.

The body of the T-1000 was designed by Rebellion in collaboration with Eric Giroud, who’s responsable for some many famous watches. The case was developed at the same time as the movement was being developped, so a harmonious integration was ensured.  The composition of (crappy iPhone) photos shows the T-1000 on my wrist. Although very ‘present’ it was remarkably comfortable on the wrist. I guess that’s for a large part due to the downward taper of the case and the material used; the case is made from titanium and many movement parts are made from aluminum!

I was absolutely blown-away by the T-1000. Just imagine that this case contains so much; the six main spring barrels holding the 1,000 hours of power reserve, two roller indicators for hours and minutes and a double hairspring ecsapement that is inclined by 63 degrees that gradually released the immense power.

I’m not going to explain how they managed to let that immense power flow easily through the movement. Let’s just enjoy a few more photos of the T-1000. These photos are also made by Ian Skellern and show the T-1000 on the wrist of Steve Clerci, Rebellion CEO.

My message… if you want to own one of these absolutely stunning timepieces, you really have to be fast. I guess that it’s more then clear that the T-1000 is an absolute landmark in the watch industry.

Visit the Rebellion Timepieces website for more information and availability.

This article is written by Frank Geelen, executive editor for Monochrome Watches.

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  1. I don’t know the exact price, but it’s price level at the moment of introduction was around $100,000 USD.

  2. What you see in the first couple of pics should also be made, as is, as a desk clock, in around 20-30cm width. INCREDIBLE.

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