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Reader Survey: The Big Catawiki Questionnaire

| By Frank Geelen | 2 min read |
reader survey - the big catawiki questionnaire

Over the past weeks we have selected ‘5 Cool Finds‘ from the new offering that is published each week at Catawiki auctioneers. Tomorrow we will have another one, and again, we found some really great watches for you. Since we’re browsing the web all day long, we are just trying to help you find nice watches, sometimes very interesting ones, or desirable, or collectable or all off that. Now, after doing this for some weeks, we would love to hear from you about your experience with Catawiki. How was the registration, and if you bid on an item (they auction more than just watches) we’d love to hear how that was. Maybe you even bought something, or tried to auction a watch of your own. Since we’d like to offer you good advice, we’re now reaching out to you, to help us understand what you think of Catawiki.

In the questionnaire below are question about registration, searching, bidding, buying and selling. And not necessarily about watches! At Catawiki they auction Art, Jewellery, Stamps, Coins, (of course) Watches and Classic Cars (and Gem Stones, Wines, Whiskey’s and much more). It will be great to learn from you, and your experience with these (relatively) young online auctioneers.
Catawiki website

A bit of history

Catawiki was founded in 2008, and although originally it was not an online auctioneer (it allowed collectors to keep track of their collections online), as of 2011 Catawiki began doing weekly auctions. This was done for various categories, like art, antiques, classic cars, jewellery, watches, wine, whiskey, stamps, coins and much many more collectibles.

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One of the (main) difference compared to for instance Ebay, is that Catawiki’s weekly auctions are compiled a team of specialist auctioneers. There are 172 of these specialists auctioneers compiling all weekly auctions. The system is under notarial supervision and they offer secure payment services. Today Catawiki sees millions of visitors from all over the world, every month, and they have employees from all over Europe and offices in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, and Spain.

The Questionnaire

You might have noticed that we’re celebrating Monochrome’s tenth anniversary. For that reason we’re doing a lot of sweepstake and each time we ask you 2 (or 3) questions. Well, this time it’s just questions. Sorry. Nothing to win, except that you can share your ‘Catawiki experiences’ with us and our readers. We will come back to you with the results of this survey, and we certainly hope that it will help your fellow readers in their online buying/selling experience!

Oh, before I forget, these are our questions and we did not consult Catawiki for this. Just saying…

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