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Project X Submariner Ceramic STEALTH Mk III and IV

| By Frank Geelen | 2 min read |
Submariner Ceramic STEALTH Mk III

What do Rolex and Project X have in common? Officially nothing, but Project X can maybe be seen as the M series of BMW or the Brabus of Mercedes Benz. Project X is about to release two ‘tuned’ Rolex models, the Submariner Ceramic STEALTH Mk III and Mk IV.

Rolex is does not get a lot of attention on Monochrome, which is actually strange.  Rolex is the world’s biggest independent watch brand and Monochrome is about independent watchmaking and haute horlogerie. In the past I posted about the customized Single Red Deep Sea Piccard Edition.  I’ll try to do better by posting the new customized Rolex watches Project X Design makes, the Submariner Ceramic STEALTH Mk III and IV.

Submariner Ceramic STEALTH Mk III

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The above Submariner Ceramic STEALTH Mk III is based on the Submariner Ceramic, that Rolex released at Baselworld last year. The crownguards have been removed and so has the cyclops. Some people love the cyclops, some don’t, but for sure it’s a very recognizable feature of Rolex sports watches. The bezel has been treated and is now a Black-Out-Bezel and STEALTH has been printed on the dial in the same ‘reed’ green color as the NATO G10 strap the watch comes on. Personally I like this Submariner even better than the regular model. The only downside is that it’s more expensive and very limited.

Submariner Ceramic STEALTH Mk IV


Besides the STEALTH Mk III Project X Designs will also release a STEALTH Mk IV. This model kept its crownguards, but has been matte black carbon coated and also features the black-out-bezel. And again the cyclops has been removed.

If you wonder whether the STEALTH Mk III and IV will come with the original steel bracelet, the answer is no. Project X Designs installed so-called military fixed bars, which allow the NATO strap to be attached. But it prevents the owner to attach the steel bracelet. The case backs of both models are engraved with the issue number and SBS Insignia and motto. SBS is the precursor of the British Special Air Services (SAS), the elite military branch of the British army.

Project X Designs Submariner STEALTH case back


The Project X Designs Submariner Ceramic STEALTH Mk III and IV will both be limited to 28 pieces. STEALTH Mk III will be priced at 8,750 GBP and available for delivery at the end of March 2011. Submariner Ceramic STEALTH Mk IV will be priced at 9,950 GBP and expected delivery is early April 2011.

Watches can be ordered via the Project X Designs website. Information can be found both at the website or official Facebook page.

5 responses

  1. Errm – actually, no. The SBS is not the “precursor of the British Special Air Services (SAS)”. The SBS is the Special Boat Service, which is a specialist unit within the Royal Marines, the commando arm of the Royal Navy, and experts in amphibious warfare.

  2. Actually John, that is not correct

    The British SBS were formed in July 1940, 12 months prior to the inception of the SAS (Special Air Service), by Commando officer, Roger Courtney.
    After an unsuccessful attempt to convince Admiral of the Fleet Sir Roger Keyes, that his idea of a folding kayak brigade would be effective. Courtney decided a practical demonstration might have a greater impact and proceeded to infiltrate the HMS Glengyle, a Landing Ship, Infantry anchored in the River Clyde, by canoeing to the vessel, climbing aboard undetected, writing his initials on the door of the captain’s cabin, and stealing a deck gun cover, which he then presented still wet to a group of high ranking Royal Navy officers meeting at a nearby Inver ray hotel. Courtney was promoted to captain, and given command of twelve men, which were to form 1 SBS. The SBS have been successfully engaged in amphibious warfare + covert operations worldwide ever since.
    The reluctance of the Ministry of Defence to comment on their special forces operations has ensured little verifiable information exists on the SBS within the public domain, and when compared to its SAS counterparts, remains a relative enigma. Specifically trained for black operations and they are believed to act as the private army for the British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) + MI6. (Which of course James Bond was former SBS Operative)
    Until the last decade the SBS remained so secretive they did not have an official emblem, preferring to use the unofficial frog, paddles + parachute design (representing their expertise as canoeists’, frogman and parachutists) under the original motto of “Not By Strength, By Guile”, and then later “By Strength and Guile”. Based in Poole Dorset, the SBS today form part of the UKSF, and are made up of 4 active squadrons:

    • C Squadron – responsible for swimmer and canoe operation.
    • M Squadron – responsible for maritime anti-terrorism including the “The Black Group”, a counter–terrorist team who specialize in helicopter assault
    • S Squadron – responsible for water borne craft and mini-sub operations.
    • X Squadron – combined unit of SAS and the SBS operatives

  3. Awful, tasteless SAS/James Bond wannabe watches. Stock Sub for me thanks.

  4. John in Sydney is way off, so his harsh tone is unfounded. The SBS are an integral part of the UKSF these days, under direct command of the Director Special Forces (DSF) which commands all UK special Forces units. Their roots do precede the formation of the SAS. The Royal Marines Commandos lost command of the SBS to the Navy in 2001. Prior to being under the present setup (which is over 2 decades old) they were staffed from Navy and Royal Marines recruits but for a few decades now they have been open to recruits from all 3 branches of the armed forces, as is the policy within the UKSF. They often have cross-decking of personnel with the SAS, both operationally (an SAS Officer commanded an SBS Squadron in the Gulf War) and on the joint SAS/SBS selection and training team (both units complete SF selection side-by-side until they move onto their respective unit for specialist continuation training). They also rotate responsibility for the counter-terrorism role, prior to which they undergo the same training and qualifications as the SAS.

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