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Pre-SIHH 2019

HYT H20 “Time Is Fluid” (Hands-On)

During the SIHH 2019, nobody will doubt that "Time Is Fluid" at HYT... even in the dark!

| By Xavier Markl | 2 min read |
HYT H2O Time is Fluid SIHH 2019

Since 2012, HYT has measured time in a non-conformist way, uniting aesthetics, technology and a dash of philosophy. Time is fluid and its flow is displayed by liquids moved by a mechanical movement (to learn more about the company and its innovative, patented technology, you can watch our recent video here). Presented in 2018, the H0 and H20 models express the flow of time with smooth curves, fluid shapes and virtually no straight lines. It showcases the brands raison d’être in a striking way. The fluidic time indication is presented in all its glory, under an impressive cloche-like sapphire crystal. This allows a 360° visibility of the time and of the mechanical movement’s architecture.

HYT H2O Time is Fluid SIHH 2019

Just a few weeks ahead of SIHH 2019, HYT presents a new take on the concept of fluidic time. The HYT H20 “Time Is Fluid” gathers seemingly contradictory elements, with the aim to create a balance between “heritage and innovation, warmth and cold, and the past and the future“.

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This limited edition watch carries forth the brand’s mantra, literally putting it into words (Time is fluid) that replace the hour indications on the side of the case. The letters are machined from a single metal ring and filled with luminescent material to glow in the dark.

Those familiar with HYT will recognize the movement developed and manufactured with APRP with its characteristic pair of bellows driving the fluids arranged to form a V-shape (this movement was first introduced on the H2). However, this version of the movement has been slightly modified.

HYT H2O Time is Fluid SIHH 2019

From a technical perspective, it no longer features the retrograde minute indication. Instead, the display of the minutes is off-centred on a subsidiary dial and complemented with a small seconds indication. The balance wheel has been repositioned to the centre of the watch. The crown position indicator displays the selected function (H – Time setting, N – neutral or R -winding mode). The guilloché pattern on the plate and dial accentuates the feeling of depth.

HYT H2O Time is Fluid SIHH 2019

Flipping the watch over, the exhibition caseback offers a superb view of the movement, which also depicts the same guilloché pattern on the mainplate. A glimpse into the mainsprings through the openwork twin-barrels gauge how much of the robust power reserve (8 days in total) is left.

HYT H2O Time is Fluid SIHH 2019

The HYT H20 “Time Is Fluid” comes in two limited editions of 20 watches – either in 2N yellow gold or in stainless steel. It is worn on an integrated translucent grey rubber strap secured with a PVD-coated titanium folding buckle. Price is set at CHF 125,000 for the gold version and CHF 115,000 for the steel version. For more information, please visit

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