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HYT H20 Brown Limited Edition

HYT unveils a third H20 limited edition, now with red fluidic hours and a brown case.

| By Xavier Markl | 2 min read |
HYT H2O Brown

With HYT, an independent watchmaker headquartered in Neuchatel, time is fluid. Since 2012, HYT measures time in the most unconventional way. Its flow is displayed by the continuous movement of a coloured and a transparent liquid in a capillary. Several models have been presented since the inception of the brand and here’s the latest creation: the HYT H2O Brown.

To learn more about the company and its innovative, patented technology, you can watch our recent video here.

HYT H2O Brown

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Since 2012, HYT successively developed the H1, H2, H3 and H4 models before launching the sleek H0 last year. H0 is a return to the roots of the company and to its raison d’être, emphasizing the fluidic time indication with transparency and light. An impressive sapphire dome covering the watch creates a spellbinding three-dimensional object, allowing to read the time from all angles while the capillary containing the fluids seems to float.

HYT H2O Brown

With H20, the second take on this H0 concept launched in 2018, the two immiscible liquids are driven by a mechanical movement manufactured with APRP (Audemars Piguet Renaud Papi) already used in H2. Exposed in full glory under the impressive sapphire dome, the intricate mechanism offers striking depth with its characteristic V-shaped bellows. The minutes are indicated in the centre via a jumping minute hand while the balance wheel ticks at 12 o’clock.

Following the first two H20 with green and blue fluids, HYT now unveils a third limited edition with vivid red liquid portraying the flow of time. The bright red liquid contrasts with the dark finish of the watch – the case is crafted in brown PVD-coated steel while the crown features a black DLC coating. The titanium bridges are microblasted and coated with brown PVD too.

HYT H2O Brown

Turning the watch over, the twin-barrel movement is visible through a red-tinted sapphire crystal caseback adding to the young, modern feel. Running at 21,600 vibrations/hour, it boasts a robust 192-hour (or 8-day) power reserve. A glimpse into the mainsprings through the openwork barrels lets you gauge how much power reserve is left (with the help of the low and high caption).

HYT H2O Brown

A limited edition of 8 pieces, the new HYT H20 Brown with red fluidic hours is worn on an integrated dark brown rubber strap secured to the wrist with a PVD-coated titanium folding buckle. Price is set at CHF 95,000. For more information, please

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  1. Hi Xavier,
    thanks for sharing.

    To my taste this is the best HYT so far. Modern, readable, full visibility of the movement. It is a pity that only 8 lucky guys will have the chance to wrist it 🙂


  2. Presents as neo steampunk art, which is a good thing. Seems a bit tall, but size is secondary here to presentation. I love the red sapphire back. Of course these are not made so much to be worn as much as admired and possessed.

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