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Introducing the De Bethune DB27 Digitale Polo Edition, in Hardened Steel (specs & price)

When it comes to watches dedicated to this selective and rigorous sport that is Polo, you'd probably first have in mind the iconic Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso (created in 1931 especially for Polo players). However, when De Bethune comes with the idea of partnering with the Princely Polo Cup, the needs

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Hanhart Pioneer Monocontrol – The epitome of Coolness – Full Review (history, live photos, specs & price)

One of the most enduring traits in the watch industry in recent years is the New-retro design. This principle is the tendency to create something new that is not exactly new but rather follows the past. This industrial/marketing strategy balances in most cases innovation and tradition. The historica

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Highlights from the Geneva Phillips Watch Auction Two – Including another crazy Steel Patek Philippe Split Chronograph and a real James Bond Rolex Submariner

Together with all the unique watches that are about to be actioned for Only Watch 2015, Phllips Auction will also hold its second sale, with classical vintage and important watches. The Auction Two will take place at Hôtel La Réserve, Geneva, on the evening of Saturday 7 November, continu

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