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S.U.F. Helsinki Vetehinen / Sarpaneva

The Dive Watch From The Far North – The S.U.F. Helsinki Vetehinen By Sarpaneva

Rough, cold, with a unique character and surprisingly fascinating... that is how I would describe the contrasting country that is Finland. Funnily enough, it's also how I would describe the new S.U.F. Helsinki Vetehinen, the brand’s first dive watch. A Finnish watch made by Finnish watchmaker S

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Germans Do It Better? 5 High-End Watches Made In Germany

German watches are distinctively unique. Their design is influenced by the Bauhaus philosophy with a minimalist approach and the idea that form follows function. Great emphasis is placed on simplicity, symmetry, clarity and practicality. The craftsmanship involved is superb, sharp and distinctive, a

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