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Introducing the 2017 Updated Oris Aquis Date Collection (More Refined, Still Powerful)

| By Brice Goulard | 4 min read |
Oris Aquis Date 2017 collection

Since its introduction, the Oris Aquis has always been the high-performance dive watch of the brand. Sturdy, robust, strong and powerful, this watch is all about performance and reliability. So to say, a real tool watch, which earned the status of icon in the Oris collection. Even if it remained modern, Oris has decided to bring a new take on the Aquis Date Collection, with subtle evolutions of most components, in order to bring modernity and extra-refinement to a still very toolish and professional-oriented watch. Here is the updated Oris Aquis Date Collection for 2017, more refined, still powerful.

Oris Aquis Date 2017 collection

The story of the sturdy and performance-oriented dive watch from Oris goes back to the late 1990s, with the Oris Full Steel. While the Divers Sixty Five plays on vintage-inspired themes, the modern version of the Full Steel, the Aquis, is all devoted to reliability and professional use. This watch is a solid, robust, masculine watch made to be used underwater, with no compromise. The previous Aquis was characterized by the design of its muscular horns and uni-directional rotating bezel. While the horns were designed so the metal bracelet or rubber strap would pivot to fit a wide range of wrist sizes, the broad bezel and its oversized numerals delivered great underwater legibility. As great this DNA was (and still is), this watch could be seen as a too toolish by some, and for the 2017 collection, Oris is bringing a bit of thinness and refinement to the Aquis. No big changes but subtle evolutions.

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Oris Aquis Date 2017 collection

The 2017 Oris Aquis is a more classy and versatile take on a watch with strong DNA. While the pillars of the collection (perfect legibility, muscular horns, integration of the bracelet / strap to the case) are kept, some elements have been redesigned and lightened, to adapt to the regular use of such watches. Why? Even if used underwater and for diving purposes, many of the dive watches also find place under cuffs or next to a pair of sneakers. Dive watches are not just tools anymore and Oris adapts the collection with this in mind.

Oris Aquis Date 2017 collection

Much of the evolutions are in the detail. The horns and the bracelet are now thinner, giving the case and the whole watch a more slender profile. The hands and indices have been redesigned to look bolder and sharper (with a more angular design, being more modern overall), and the screw-down crown and crown guards have been refined to give the watch a sleeker silhouette. The bezel inlay is made of black, scratch- and fade- resistant ceramic, and the dial now proudly carries the Aquis name – you can compare this new iteration with the older version here.

Oris Aquis Date 2017 collection

Apart from the design, Oris also improves the usability of the Aquis, with this 2017 collection. For instance, uni-directional bezel is now easier to grip, thanks to a small gap introduced between the case and the body. In terms of performances, the Oris Aquis is still water resistant to 300m (the norm for a professional-oriented dive watch) and powered by a reliable and precise automatic movement (Oris Cal. 733, based on a Sellita SW200). Surprising for a tool diver, the caseback is opened, with a see-through sapphire crystal (always pleasant for the new-comers).

Oris Aquis Date 2017 collection

The new Oris Aquis is introduced as an entire collection, with 3 dial options (gradient blue, black with silver indexes, black with orange indexes). All of them are available with several bracelet / strap options, including rubber (in blue or black, depending on the dial choice), dark brown leather – both are fitted with sliding-sledge folding clasp with extension – and of course the robust and perfectly integrated metallic bracelet (with extension system and folding clasp).

The 2017 Oris Aquis Date Collection is again a great deal in terms quality / price ratio (you have to try this watch to understand how heavy and solid it feels on the wrist), with prices starting at 1,750 Swiss Francs on strap (rubber / leather) and 1,950 Swiss Francs on metallic bracelet. Expected in June 2017.

Specifications of the Oris Aquis Date 2017 Collection

  • Case: 43.50mm diameter – stainless steel, polished and brushed – rotatable bezel with black ceramic inlay – Sapphire crystal on both sides – 300m water resistant
  • Movement: Calibre 733, Sellita SW200 base – automatic – 4Hz frequency – hours, minutes, seconds, date at 6
  • Strap: choice of rubber strap, leather strap (both with sliding-sledge folding clasp with extension) or metallic bracelet with extension system and folding clasp

28 responses

  1. Do we know when the new Aquis line will be available? These arn’t currently on the Oris website.

  2. Love the Aquis Date, but traded mine because it was just too thick and heavy for me. These changes might have me looking again!

  3. Hi Brice,
    thanks for sharing.

    I always loved Oris divers (I own a CC 2000m titanium – on my wrist right now) for their good quality/price ratio and for their original look.
    These new editions of the Aquis are really beautiful, especially the blue dialed one; I wonder if Oris plan to release one on titanium too.


  4. Hi, is there any news om whether the 46mm small second model is being updated? thanks

  5. The current Aquis date has a 43mm case size, so this new 43.5mm model is even bigger?? That’s really disappointing.

    Also, Brice Gourlard writes “Oris is bringing a bit of thinness and refinement to the Aquis”, but from what I can read, the case is not thinner, only the lugs and bracelet. So that’s also really disappointing.

  6. I’m a proud owner of an old Diver Date and looking for a new Aquis. My problem with this edition is the hour hand; it’s just me or the hour hand reminds me the male organ / Phallus ?

  7. I like this series, a little more dress, a little less toolish.

    I would like to see the orange markers on the blue sunray dial. That would be legendary.

  8. Could never pull the trigger on the old Aquis, always thought the hour hand was too short, and the lugs and bracelet too chunky. Always thought of the Aquis as desk diver , while the case was all tool, the dial was all dress.

    Really like this new design much more balanced. I’ll have to wait and see the new price.But if the price is similar i don’t think there is a better diver for the money.

  9. Dissapoonted that Oris doesn’t bring up a 40mm Aquis for my 6.5″ wrist….though I am so deeply in love to the Aquis design (blue dial with steel bracelet)…… 😣

  10. I would be buying this tomorrow if it were available in a 40 mm version.

  11. Do you know if all dial versions have the same bezel insert, or does the blue gradient have a gloss bezel while black dial versions have matte? Thanks.

  12. Different dials have different bezels. Indeed, the gradient blue has a glossy bezel. The black dial with orange indexes also has a glossy bezel. The matte black dial version has a brushed matte bezel though.

  13. No mention of the odd differentiation made by putting a glossy bezel insert on the blue dial and orange versions, and brushed on the black. I don’t understand why they did this. If anything, the black would look better with glossy and the others brushed, but they should all be brushed or glossy. I prefer brushed. Strange choices in that regard. I don’t get it, at all.

  14. I’ve just purcheast the new oris aquis I love this watch so much so easy to wear looks really good on your wrist great quality for the price fab watch

  15. How do you change the strap/bracelet? Special tools just for that?

    The lug haters are going to have more ammo to hate with, apparently. Now you even need special tools.

  16. I was so close to purchasing a 2016 today. The 42.5 mm kept me away. Love the watch. Just wish it came in a 40. I get the whole making it more refined to the eye for desk divers but,
    why does it have to be so big.

  17. I might have got one if not for those truly hideous hands. Why did they have to uglify the hands that used to be so beautiful and unique?

  18. I like the watch and got one on the steel bracelet. The only thig I do not like about it is that bracelet link scratches against watch and leaves scratches on the links, so it is visible and not esthetic pretty soon.

  19. Sapphire crystal on both sides? Oris’s website states it is a mineral caseback?????

  20. My brother gifted me the Oris Aquis Date with the sunburst blue dial and a steel bracelet. Can’t take it off even when at home – such a beautiful article. I read some reviews here apprehending the 43.5 mm size. They have now introduced the 39.5 mm. But trust me, even with my small wrist size, the 44.5 mm looks just right. It might just be a small matter of getting used to. The right mix of tool and dressy, understated elegance, draws the right amount of attention while quietly ticking away on your wrists. I will die happy if I was told I won’t have another watch in my life.

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