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Watch repair in zero gravity

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When astronauts are orbiting the world things that break down have to be repaired, even a watch. Here’s a great video showing repair of an Omega SpeedmasterX-33.

The Omega Speedmaster X-33 collection is completely unique from all of the other Speedmasters, starting with the movement. The Speedmaster X-33 features an analog and digital display.

Omega Speedmaster X-33

The Omega Speedmaster X-33 features the Omega 1666 Quartz precision multifunction movement. The multifunction capabilities allows this model to display day, date, chronograph, GMT, 24 hour time and it has an alarm function. The case, made of the lightweight metal titanium, is brushed and has a domed sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating. It has a unidirectional rotating bezel and is water resistant to 30 meters.

Here’s a video showing some watch repair in zero-G…

If you want to read more about the Omega Speedmaster X-33, you can read a full review by Michael de Silva and Ryan Rooney.

This article is written by Frank Geelen, executive editor for Monochrome Watches.

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