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The New Omega De Ville Trésor Ladies’ Collection

Slim, curvaceous, handsomely feminine and quartz-powered: the De Ville Trésor is out to conquer the next generation of women

| By Rebecca Doulton | 3 min read |
Omega De Ville Tresor Ladies Collection

While many Omega fans are enjoying the launch of the men’s Olympic-themed watches, a campaign starring Kaia Gerber is underway to attract millennials to the new De Ville Trésor Ladies Collection. Kaia, daughter of veteran Omega ambassador Cindy Crawford, was recruited in 2017 as the face of the “next generation of watch fans”.

Kaia’s Choice: De Ville Trésor

Surprisingly sophisticated and unabashedly feminine, the new De Ville Trésor Ladies Collection is characterised by slim, streamlined cases, oversized Roman numerals and diamond-set bezels. Presented in 36mm and 39mm case sizes, in either stainless steel or Omega’s proprietary 18k Sedna pink gold, this is not your sparkly little cocktail watch.

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The generous case sizes of 36mm and 39mm exude presence and personality, as do the elongated Roman numerals that stretch boldly towards the centre of the dial. The winning integration of slightly masculine traits – like the large case size and sober dial – avoid the watch straying into cutesy, sentimental territory.

Thin is in

In Omega’s hefty tome “A Journey through Time” we learn that the De Ville family was born in 1960 and was a direct descendant of the Seamaster, a line of watches renowned for their one-piece case that could only be opened via the bezel. The idea behind this unusual method of accessing the movement “provided freedom to design models that combined the slender refinement of a dress watch with the benefits of robust water-resistance”.

The one salient feature that has trickled down to the new De Ville Trésor collection is the “slender refinement” and the cases boast lean profiles measuring just 8.85mm thick for the 36mm models and 9.75mm for the 39mm sisters.

An hourglass figure and other feminine traits

Omega De Ville Tresor Ladies Collection

The height of the case might be slim, but this watch has curves. The curvature of the case and lugs is particularly appealing and the row of pavé-set diamonds on either side of the bezel enhances its hourglass figure. Instead of just adorning the bezel with sparkly diamonds, the tapered setting of the diamonds draws the eye towards the curvaceous contours of the watch.

Omega De Ville Tresor Ladies Collection

Another feminine touch is the red liquid ceramic insert shaped like a flower on the crown with a diamond in its centre. The tips of the stylised Roman numerals, which are either embossed or transferred on the dial, convene to create a perfect circle in the centre of the dial and are read by slim, tapered hands. The closed case back has also been decorated with an eight-petalled floral motif and a mirrored surface. Presumably designed to admire yourself, the practicality of a mirror on the back of a watch is questionable.

A quartz movement

The first De Ville Trésor of 1949 was originally a men’s watch although the ‘treasure’ had nothing to do with precious metal or diamonds. The treasure referred to the legendary Omega 30mm calibre housed in its thin case. Designed by Henri Kneuss in 1939, the 30mm calibre with “its exceptional reliability, its fine regulating performance, its robustness and ease of maintenance,” would become, “a benchmark in the history of watchmaking for a quarter of a century, from 1939 to 1963.”

Omega De Ville Tresor Ladies Collection

It is strange then to see that the new ladies’ De Ville Trésor watches have discarded a slim mechanical movement in favour of a quartz movement. Fitted with Omega’s calibre 4061 quartz movement, the choice was no doubt motivated to contain costs and to appeal to young women who want the look and feel of a reputable brand on the wrist without the hassle of having to wind a watch.

Omega De Ville Tresor Ladies Collection

Since choice is the operative word in watchmaking today, nine variations on the theme are available. In addition to choosing the metal of the case, a tasteful palette of dial colours – ranging from an attractive taupe-brown to iridescent mother-of-pearl and lacquered opaline – is proposed along with matching straps in either fabric or leather.  Prices start at CHF 4,100 for a stainless steel model and reach CHF 8,000 for an 18k Sedna gold model. More details on

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  1. Very elegant use of diamonds – much better than the typically over-the-top full-pave. Let’s hope that by next Valentine’s Day, they are offering mechanical movements!

  2. I agree the diamonds are judiciously and very effectively used here. There is something very old fashioned about the elongated roman numerals that seems contrary to its attempt to look modern. The aesthetic here is more “reimagined white female classical” than “techno saavy young success story” . Overall though, a lovely watch that I would like to see on a woman’s wrist.

  3. Tasteful & elegant.
    But what do we know about Omega’s quartz 4061; in the same category as
    an ETA 955.432, 7 jewels ?

  4. One blessing across the web would be, that you all people check your info and cite the source.

    The Omega 30mm started its production on December 1938, how is it possible that was designed in 1939?

    It’s like serial numbers, most lists are wrong.

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