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De Bethune Presents The Sensoriel Chronometry Project, The Next Level in Watch Adjusting

The mechanical watch finely adjusted to the wearer's environment and behaviour.

| By Xavier Markl | 1 min read |

Countless factors influence the precision of mechanical watches. Among the various environmental factors affecting your watch’s rate are temperature, gravity, shocks, hygrometry, and atmospheric pressure. But you also have to take into account the regular use and conditions in which the watch is worn, the movements of your arm, accelerations or simply the winding state of the mainspring. For instance, the Swiss COSC certification programme exposes the movement to different positions and temperatures. Still, these static standardised tests remain unrelated to simulating the real-life conditions a watch is exposed to when worn. Can you imagine that your very own watch could be regulated to your exact behaviour and environment? Well, this is no longer science fiction thanks to the De Bethune Sensoriel Chronometry Project.

Chronometry has always been a major focus for Denis Flageollet, the mastermind behind De Bethune. With his ambitious “Sensoriel Chronometry Project”, the independent watchmaking brand explores uncharted chronometrical terrain. A first in the industry, the idea is to potentially adjust your timepiece to your specific type of wear.

De Bethune Sensoriel Chronometry Project

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To achieve this, De Bethune has installed a robot arm in an atmospheric chamber. The robotic device is capable of reproducing a watch wearer’s behaviour and environment. This is possible using the data collected by a test watch equipped with a multitude of sensors worn over a two-week period. Nearly 2,000,000 pieces of information per hour are generated by the test watches, allowing the watchmakers of the brand’s chronometry workshop to adjust your watch to your specific behaviour with an unprecedented level of realism.

De Bethune DB28GS Grand Bleu - 10

To start with, De Bethune will offer these specific “Sensoriel Chronometry Project” adjustments to clients purchasing a DB28GS Grand Bleu. 

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  1. Been doing this for years, adjust on timegrapher then wear for a few days, and readjust. Keep going until no more improvement.

  2. There is no mention of how long this process will take before you can wear and enjoy the watch, but sounds promising.

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