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The Bespoke Bovet Watches Created For The Unique Rolls Royce Boat Tail

A truly unique set of watches in joint partnership with the fabled British car maker

| By Robin Nooy | 3 min read |
Bovet X Rolls Royce Boat Tail Collection of Bespoke Watches

The worlds of cars and watches have long been closely related to each other. And today we’ll look at a watch, or rather two watches, that go a step beyond what we normally see in automotive-inspired watches. A his-and-hers set of fully bespoke models, developed over a three year period with luxury manufacturer Rolls Royce, which can be mounted in the dashboard of a car (and worn on the wrist too…) And not just any car, but a bespoke Rolls Royce of course. The Bovet 1822 x Rolls Royce collection, for now, has two watches, based on the same design but different in execution, as we are about to explain.

Bovet has long been a manufacture with a focus on bespoke watches, so this is not a new game for the brand. Neither is bespoke coachbuilding for Rolls Royce, but we’ll focus on the watches for now. And even though the watches are not for everyone (they’re quite extravagant, as are many Bovet pieces) both are rather impressive in terms of artisanal craftsmanship and level of details.

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As mentioned, it is a his-and-hers set, so you have a watch for men and a watch for women. The case of the watches is unique to this collaboration, measuring 44mm in diameter and made of 18kt white gold. The height of the watch is a pretty sizable 14mm. The men’s version has a fully polished finish, while the women’s model is completely engraved by hand, and filled with blue lacquer to achieve a floral motif on the entire habillage of the watch.

And there’s a kicker; each watch is double-sided! So not just a watch with additional indications placed on the backside of the movement. These watches have an off-centred hours-and-minutes dial on both sides, powered by a single movement. On the front, there’s a Caleidolegno wood marquetry dial styled to resemble the iconic Rolls Royce vertical grille. This dial also incorporates a fuel gauge style power reserve. The lower half of the movement allows for a full view of a hand-carved and engraved 18kt white gold Spirit of Ecstasy emblem. This is the same in both. The reverse side is different, with either an aventurine dial with a sky chart or a hand-painted floral bouquet over mother-of-pearl. A miniaturized, hand-painted Rolls Royce car is positioned on the lower half of the dial.

Of course, Bovet played around with the Amadeo style case, which can be converted from a wristwatch to a pocket or pendant watch and even a desk clock. For this custom set, a bespoke mounting system has been developed to install it in the car as a dashboard clock too. The movement is a newly developed one-minute tourbillon calibre. The hand-wound movement runs at a frequency of 3Hz (or 21,600vph) and has a lengthy 5-day power reserve. As said, it powers both sides of the dial, with an inverted gearing for the secondary dial. The bridge over the tourbillon will be engraved with the names of the owner’s, according to Bovet.

No price has been communicated, but keep an eye out for tomorrow’s Petrolhead Corner episode to see what the car, with which the watches will be delivered, will cost you!

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