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“Never Again” Forget Your Watch, But If You Do, There’s a Rock Song to Help You Get Through It

Something to go thought that void of emptiness...

| By Erik Slaven | 1 min read |

I’m old enough to remember when MTV played music videos, the Dead toured nonstop and Ringo Starr actually had one hit (no hate comments). Music hits the senses like nothing else, fueling nostalgia, happiness and even adrenaline. Bad movies can have amazing soundtracks, bad days can be eased by that one song and now the horror of forgetting your watch at home has a rock single. Let’s face it, watches are our power source and without them hugging our wrists like The One Ring (just go with it), can we even function away from the house? 

Mike Rood, avid watch collector and pro musician in The Big Apple, just released a single that really tears at the scab of accidental watch abandonment. Titled Never Again, it starts with an ominous feeling that “Something’s missing” and just rocks out about the naked wrist and “void of emptiness.” As a professional watch journalist and the glue of MONOCHROME (I made that second part up), this song hits the depth of my soul. I don’t want to hear that there are clocks on my phone, in my car, on my laptop and on the oven – the latter is impossible to set and just displays a random time. Without my watch, I’m truly lost. 

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Aimless and vacant, I’m nothing without it.” Mike really gets it. He understands the horror, the emptiness. I’ve been there before, I’m sure we all have. We’re survivors, scarred by horological mistakes, but Never Again reminds us that we’re human, fallible and addicted to horology. It’s also a damn good song, so check it out on YouTube (with lyrics) and Spotify. You won’t regret it – Rock on my watch loving friends.

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