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Must Have for Horological Aficionados: The George Daniels Book by Michael Clerizo

| By Frank Geelen | 2 min read |
George Daniels book by Michael Clerizo

Although I do most of my ‘watch musings’ online, from time to time I turn to paper for a nice Sunday afternoon read. Usually this means going through watch magazines, which slowly stack up. Sometimes I even read a book and Michael Clerizo’s latest book is so good that I really have to share that with you. The book is called ‘George Daniels, a master watchmaker and his art’ and it’s as significant in content as in size – the Speake-Marin Piccadilly serves to give you an idea of the book’s size. 

Michael Clerizo, freelance author and contributor to the Wall Street Journal Magazine (among others), just finished his second book and it is in my opinion a must have. The book, “George Daniels, a master watchmaker and his art”, gives a comprehensive and very interesting overview of George Daniel’s life and timepieces. It describes different periods of George Daniels’ life , all 25 unique timepieces made by Daniels and of course the co-axial escapement that he invented.

George Daniels book by Michael Clerizo

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Michael Clerizo worked closely with George Daniels in the preparation of this book, the craftsman recounting episodes from his life and career over their innumerable conversations at his home on the Isle of Man. The comprehensive book comprises an ample biography, which ensures that the book is a fitting and authentic tribute to the greatest watchmaker of the modern era.

The print quality, the paper, the images, and the multiple fold-out pages, everything is of the highest quality. More then 200 pages on one of the most important watchmakers of our times. It captures Daniels’ search for the perfect escapement and takes the reader on a tour through all kind of escapements, before Daniels invents the co-axial escapement.

George Daniels book by Michael Clerizo

Above is the famous Space Traveler II, completed in 1983. It is entirely hand-build, meaning that all calculations are done by hand, all parts are build by hand, finished by hand, and of course assembled by hand. No Auto CAT drawing program, no computer renderings to test if the watch will run, nothing of all that. This is watchmaking in its purest form.

What becomes apparent is that Daniels is a dedicated man! Almost as dedicated as a watch blogger…

George Daniels book by Michael Clerizo

More than 200 pages about a watchmaker who only made 25 unique timepieces might sound strange, but this book is interesting from cover to cover. A magnificent book, beautifully executed and a valuable addition to every watch aficionado’s book shelf. 

You can order a copy online here or when you visit Baselworld next week, you can buy a copy at the Baselworld book shop where Michael Clerizo is present to sign your copy, between 17:00 and 18:00, from April 25 to 30th.

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