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Two Steel Moritz Grossmann Power Reserve for the Brand’s 12th Anniversary

A classic German watch in modern, sporty attire.

| By Brice Goulard | 4 min read |
Moritz Grossmann Power Reserve Stainless Steel 12th anniversary limited editions

When you look at the vast collection offered by Moritz Grossmann, the impressive range of movements or the classic, typically German style of the watches offered by the brand, it is hard to believe that Moritz Grossmann is still a very young manufacture. Indeed, this year, the brand is celebrating its 12th anniversary and has been releasing several watches to mark this achievement. We already took a look at the utterly classic (but superb) watches with “silver plating by friction” dials. Today’s models are drastically different; they are more contemporary and sportier, yet still very much MG. Here are the two stainless steel Power Reserve XII Birthday Editions. 

Moritz Grossmann Power Reserve Stainless Steel 12th anniversary limited editions

When you think about Moritz Grossmann, you’ll certainly have this kind of watch in mind, a traditional and luxurious model with its typical German-style and finished with precious metals and incredible attention to details on the movement side. And while this was the case for the first watch dedicated to the 12th anniversary of the creation of the brand, the new Power Reserve watches we present to you here are certainly a bit different. More modern, less precious, with a slightly contemporary note… I wouldn’t dare to say instrumental, but with a dash of sportiness: in short, far more casual than your traditional Moritz Grossmann watch.

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The base for these two limited editions is the well-known Power Reserve watch in the Benu Heritage collection. As such, the two XII Birthday watches share the same specifications and movement but change all the elements of the habillage with new materials and new colours. First and foremost, both are stainless steel watches. Steel is a more standard material and rarely used by Grossmann, which is more accustomed to using precious metals. Second, while the display and indications are in line with the rest of the collection, the colours offered are novel.

Moritz Grossmann Power Reserve Stainless Steel 12th anniversary limited editions

The first of these two Moritz Grossmann Power Reserve XII Birthday watches is a classic stainless steel watch. The 41mm is fully brushed for a more subtle and discreet visual result. This casual attire is further reinforced by the use of a smooth calfskin strap in brown, giving its an almost vintage touch. The dial, which retains the large Arabic numerals and hand-crafted stainless steel hands, is executed in matte blue with contrasting white elements. The hands are now filled with luminous material. All in all, there’s almost a pilot’s look to this blue model.

Moritz Grossmann Power Reserve Stainless Steel 12th anniversary limited editions

The second version is even more modern and unusual for the brand. The case, which is made of polished stainless steel, has been coated in black and equipped with a matching leather strap with tone-on-tone stitching. The stealth Grossmann, if you like. The dial is treated in the same vein, with a matte black surface and white contrasting Arabic numerals and the same superb, luminous hand-crafted stainless steel hands. While most elements of a typical Grossmann watch are present, the final result is surprising, but far from unpleasant. Actually, it is quite cool.

Moritz Grossmann Power Reserve Stainless Steel 12th anniversary limited editions

For the rest, no surprises. The case, material and finishings apart, is identical to non-limited Moritz Grossmann Power Reserve watches with a 41mm diameter and 11.65mm height. It still features a sapphire crystal on both sides and the typical crown-and-pusher device to set the time and wind the movement – you need to press the pusher at 4 o’clock to actuate the crown, thus preventing misuse of the crown in normal conditions. The power reserve complication, the hallmark of this model, is still displayed linearly at 12 o’clock. Its indicator is anthracite/white on the blue edition and red/white on the full-black model.

Moritz Grossmann Power Reserve Stainless Steel 12th anniversary limited editions

Inside this solid steel cases is the calibre 100.2, an extension of the calibre 100.1 found in this watch, for instance. This hand-wound calibre, with pillar architecture and 2/3 plate, is executed most traditionally, assembled and decorated by hand. Its construction is an ode to vintage pocket watch movements, and this is reflected in the overall (very desirable) style. It features a cantilevered balance cock with Grossmann micrometre screw and the mass-optimised Grossmann balance along with a separately removable winding block. Running at a slow pace of 18,000 vibrations per hour, it stores 42 hours of power reserve. The decoration includes stripes on the untreated German silver bridges, a hand-engraved balance cock and escape-wheel cock, raised gold chatons with pan-head screws and purple-heated screws. The power reserve indication is placed on top thanks to a differential gear.

The two stainless steel Moritz Grossmann Power Reserve XII Birthday Edition Watches will be available in 12 pieces each. Both watches will be priced at EUR 26,700 (incl. 16% German VAT). More details at

4 responses

  1. Would wear ether one every day even in the summer, with a rubber strap, if I had to, but the price…

  2. Just noticed the beat rate is low, 18k, even my lowly skx has a beat rate of 21k and the same power reserve (42 hrs.). Why is it so low ?? Will this make this watch less accurate than it’s price would suggest ?

  3. @ Ray

    I think an 18k beat rate on a large balance like this is actually very precise. Hard to interrupt the momentum.

    Agree about the price – just a bit too high.

  4. Nice looking watches, good to see a dial as clear and precise. Nothing wrong with 18,000 BPH, both Rodger Smith and George Daniels (whose watches were tested for an accuracy of 0.25 seconds per day) use them. I have a cheap Sekonda that runs at that rate it’s about 40 years old and has never been serviced, gains about 8 seconds a day.


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