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The Montres KF EI8HT Evolution is all about Meteorite Textures (Live Pics & Price)

A case engraved with motifs borrowed from its meteorite dial.

| By Xavier Markl | 2 min read |

Presented in late 2020, the Montres KF EI8HT owes its name to the octagonal shape of its singular, faceted case. The brainchild of German master watchmaker Karsten Fraessdorf, it is powered by a spectacular tourbillon movement packed with innovative solutions. Intended to be an everyday instrument, it features superior shock and magnetic resistance. The latest iteration of the model, the Montres KF EI8HT Evolution, comes with a meteorite dial and a case engraved with matching patterns.

The Montres KF EI8HT is available as a bespoke piece only and comes with a wide array of customisation options. The hands, the dial, the hour markers, the case material, the crown, the case engravings, and the strap can be personalised. So can the movement, down to details inside the tourbillon cage. Among the latest options offered to clients are these coloured meteorite dials. Needless to say that these watches are, by definition, all unique, since the pattern seen on their surface is naturally occurring and varies from one dial to the next, making each watch one of a kind. Last but not least, the 44.5mm faceted case, which is available in different materials, can be engraved with a matching pattern.

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Inside the EI8HT Evolution is the in-house hand-wound Novamag calibre that is regulated by a one-minute oversized tourbillon beating at 18,000 vibrations/hour. A nod to the tradition of chronometry, the movement has a pillar architecture. Its balance wheel features an innovative architecture with variable inertia and auxiliary thermo-compensation. The hairspring has a Grossmann inner curve and a Phillips outer curve for optimal isochronism. The twin barrels can – theoretically – store 84 hours of energy, but a stop-works limits the power reserve to 66 hours to use only the optimal range of the springs. The stop-seconds is a rare but particularly relevant function for a tourbillon. A patented mechanism protects the crown against shocks. Last, the honeycomb openworked structure of the plate and bridges bring a captivating technical edge to the movement.

The Montres KF EI8HT Evolution comes on a leather strap of your choice with a triple-blade folding buckle. The retail price starts at EUR 128,000 (for the meteorite dial and the engraved case iteration) and then depends on the customisation options.

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  1. Engraving the case to look like meteorite is a very bad idea. Firstly, it looks fake and cheap. Secondly, you loose contrast between dial and case. Not good even for a €10000 watch, awful for a >€100000 watch.

  2. I like this meteorite pattern on case. I don’t even expect the whole case to be made of a meteorite, so the pattern is “tip top” with rich structure and it looks stunning in gold.

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