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On the Road to Baselworld 2018 – What You’ll See on MONOCHROME

Team MONOCHROME is on its way to Basel, Switzerland, and here's what you should know!

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On the Road to Baselworld 2018

Rolex, Omega, Patek Phillipe, Tudor, TAG Heuer and many more… Tomorrow, the 2018 edition of world’s largest watch fair, Baselworld, will open its doors. Hundreds of new watches will be revealed to members of the press, retailers and collectors. Even though the general consensus around the fair itself seems quite negative, the industry is in relatively good shape and this won’t prevent the MONOCHROME team to “veni, vidi, referi” – “go, see, report” live from the fair, with an incredibly large coverage. Baselworld is coming, and we are on the road to Switzerland.

We know that this edition of the Basel Watch Fair will be into the limelight, as the show itself has been widely criticized. Expensive, outdated, old-school, unadapted to the current market and to new consumer behaviours… Baselworld has never been in such a position – and these bad feelings come from all parties: brands, retailers and press members. While in 2015 there were over 1,500 exposing brands, Baselworld 2018 will be considerably smaller, with less than 700 brands present. Be reassured though, as all the big brands, those that we usually focus on, here at MONOCHROME, will still be exposing their latest novelties.

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What do we expect to see? As usual, the secret is total around the 4 main exposing brands – Rolex, Tudor, Patek and Omega. Yet, we know that Omega, for instance, is preparing the 70th anniversary of its Seamaster collection. Also, we have predicted what could be the Rolex 2018 novelties – and Rolex has started to tease us on Instagram already. Finally, several brands already introduced some of their new watches, with the usual Pre-Baselworld collection, which can be seen here.

What will you see on MONOCHROME? For the coming week, we have over 30 articles already prepared and many more to come, live from the fair. Our first two days will be focussed on powerhouses such as Rolex, Patek, Tudor, Seiko and Omega. So be sure that you’ll see the stars of the show, with live images and our own in-depth articles, right here.

Also, we will report live on our social media channels. Make sure to follow us on Instagram – @monochromewatches – from where you’ll be able to see us posting live photos, short videos and instant reactions. Finally, in addition to the core members of the MONOCHROME team – Frank Geelen (Founder), Brice Goulard (Managing Editor) and Xavier Markl (Director of Business and Technical Editor) – contributors Rebecca Doulton, Roberta Naas and Robin Nooij will be joining the show.

Stay tuned and be prepared for Baselworld 2018!

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  1. Frank, I feel like an outsider , because I’m not there….silly me
    But also…I’m not blaming anyone at Watchbox …Tim is great, but looks like a big happy family that I’m not part of…..not your pay grade to be my shrink , you guys R great also, love the watch pouch that finally arrived

  2. Daniel,
    Your message is more of a private message to Frank. I’m not blaming anyone. Frank is great but looks like you should have used the private messaging function.

  3. We’ll certainly try to let you feel to be part of the crazy Baselworld show, Daniel, and the number of stories will be massive… lot’s to read and enjoy. If you have questions regarding the watch, do not hesitate to ask. Good to hear you like the watch roll!

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