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The 37.09 Bluefin is the New, Compact Dive Watch by MING

Typical MING in design, fairly compact yet robust, and a truly original dive watch overall.

| By Brice Goulard | 3 min read |

Independent, Malaysian-Swiss brand MING is not necessarily associated with dive watches… At least, it might not be the first style of watch that you would imagine the brand creating. Thin, elegant watches with a twist, or maybe an ultra-light watch… Sure. When it comes to dive watches by MING, we have to go back to 2019 and 2020, with respectively the 18.01 Abyss Concept and 18.01 H41 Titanium – which, on the timescale of the brand, is ancient history. MING is now back in the dive watch category and its latest interpretation of the genre, the 37.09 Bluefin, is a sleek, original and compact watch with an internally rotating dial.

According to the brand, the initial idea was to improve the 18.01 H41 model. However, after multiple trials, the result wasn’t visually or ergonomically satisfying – MING didn’t want to compromise on the overall robustness but didn’t want a 19mm thick watch either. Thus, the decision was to start fresh with a new dive watch in line with the more elegant architecture of the 37 Series.

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Enter the 37.09 Bluefin, a dive watch but still a MING at heart, with the brand’s classic design language, which has been respected by not fitting it with a classic diving bezel… at least, not the classic external rotating bezel. More on that later. By playing with the thickness and curvature of the sapphire crystals and reinforcing the case where needed, the 37.09 Bluefin prototypes achieved a crush depth of 900m after 24h saturation, which was three times more than the initial resistance. As such, and conservatively, this new model boasts a 600m water-resistance rating.

The 37.09 Bluefin is a solid dive watch. So you might expect it to be big and thick. With its 38mm diameter and 44.5mm lug-to-lug, it will probably wear comfortably. Also, the thickness of 12.8mm remains acceptable considering the WR – and taking into account that 2.8mm of the thickness is due to the top sapphire. Made of steel, with brushed and polished surfaces, it is free of a rotating bezel and thus feels sleeker than most dive watches. But how do you track your remaining dive times?

As you can see, the 37.09 Bluefin is equipped with two crowns, one controlling the movement (at 2 o’clock) and the other activating the internal rotating dial. The display consists of two layers, both coated with SLN. The inner surface of the crystal, which is fixed, has a first scale for classic timing. Then, a diving scale is applied on top of the 60-click unidirectional rotating scale. Keeping with the tradition of minimizing superfluous elements, the Bluefin is fitted with new timing scales that are easy to index and read for both main time and elapsed time. The diving scale is made of three distinct 20-minute lume-coated segments, with a base made from sapphire crystal with deep blue-coloured metallization. All hands are also coated in SNL X1.

Under the sapphire back secured by four screws, is a customized Sellita SW300-1, with anthracite openworked bridges and rotor. Visually upgraded, the movement retains classic specifications with a 4Hz frequency, stop-seconds and a 50h power reserve.

Ming’s new dive watch comes with a blue moulded FKM rubber strap, 20mm curved bars and a quick-release system. The strap, which has an oval shape to follow the natural contours of the wrist, is closed by a “flying blade” tuck buckle with micro adjustment. The strap will soon be available as a standalone accessory in other colours and lengths and adaptable to all other MING watches with a 20mm lug width.

Availability & Price

Concerning availability, which has long been an issue with the brand but was recently addressed, the new MING MING 37.09 Bluefin Dive Watch will start to be delivered in October 2024, with 500 pieces planned for production this year. It is (not-so-reasonably) priced at CHF 4,950, with a 50% deposit due at the time of order. For more details, please visit

4 responses

  1. Who the hell are they to command this price for a Selitta SW-300. A laughing stock. Nothing novel.

  2. I love watch companies introduce a watch just as winter is coming. That’s designed for diving. This is a summer watch and you’re missing the summer in your biggest market.

  3. Still not sold out. They got a little aggressive with the price. I love this watch. Some much charm. But I can’t stomach $6000 USD for it after duties. Ming has gone from making affordable watches with style and flair to basically just being like everyone else. Raising prices without justification. The original diver was 1/2 of this.

  4. Jason, I assume you are in the southern hemisphere. Because up here where the majority of the world’s population is located summer starts in one month.


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