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The New Aventurine Edition of the Impressive Louis Moinet Space Revolution (Live Pics & Price)

Twin planetary flying tourbillons on a starry aventurine background.

| By Xavier Markl | 2 min read |
Louis Moinet Space Revolution Aventurine

Jean-Marie Schaller, CEO of Les Ateliers Louis Moinet, loves to create visually striking complications and has a fascination for everything related to the stars, referring to ‘mechanical wonders’ and ‘cosmic art’. Bold and technically fascinating, the Space Revolution combines these two passions with twin planetary flying tourbillons rotating under a large sapphire box, with two spaceships used as counterpoints to the flying regulating organs. These animated theatrics were initially presented last year during the 2020 Geneva Watch Days. For 2021, the Louis Moinet Space Revolution returns in a new limited edition with an aventurine dial to create a starry sky background. 

Louis Moinet Space Revolution Aventurine

Telling the time can be a theatrical experience. Inspired by his passion for everything related to the stars and spectacular complications, Louis Moinet has engaged its watchmakers to create the Space Revolution featuring two revolving spaceships acting as counterpoints to twin planetary flying tourbillons. One spacecraft completes a clockwise rotation every five minutes, whilst a second vessel turns in the opposite direction, completing a counter-clockwise revolution every ten minutes. Built on different levels to perform their acrobatics, the two tourbillon regulators, therefore, cross paths about every three minutes and twenty seconds. As you can see in the video below, the motion of the different elements is fascinating.

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The sophisticated hand-wound calibre LM104 orchestrating these spatial revolutions comprises no fewer than 470 parts, including six ceramic ball bearings (5 of them with 7 ceramic balls, and 1 with 9 ceramic balls) and a differential to average out the rate of the two regulators. A central column houses the mechanism to drive the tourbillons, spaceships and hands. The tourbillon cages are geometric and weigh no more than 0.24 grams. The balance wheels tick at 21,600 vibrations per hour. The spaceships dubbed Red Force, and Black Force are fashioned out of lightweight titanium (weighing 0.5 grams each), hand-finished and hand-painted with lacquer. Last but not least, a new aventurine background creates a starry sky background, and a meteorite disc tops the central column; each model will come with a different, rare meteorite, making each piece unique.

Louis Moinet Space Revolution Aventurine

This spectacular ballet is housed in an unusual case offering maximum transparency. A sapphire container is mounted on top of an 18k pink gold chassis. The middle case and lugs are openworked. It measures 43.5mm for the gold base and 41.5 mm for the sapphire top.

Louis Moinet Space Revolution Aventurine

Turning the watch over, a sapphire crystal reveals the movement finished with Geneva stripes and its twin openworked barrels, which ensure a 48-hour power reserve when fully wound. A selector on the back of the watch operates the crown either in winding or time-setting mode, meaning that crown is not pulled out to set the time or wind the movement.

Louis Moinet Space Revolution Aventurine

The Louis Moinet Space Revolution is worn on an alligator strap. It is secured to the wrist with a folding clasp in the shape of a Fleur de Lys. Limited to eight pieces, it retails for CHF 360,000.

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