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The Laco Flieger PRO, The Classic Pilot’s Watch Fully Customizable

Over 14,000 versions of your classic Flieger watch available...

| By Brice Goulard | 7 min read |

When you think about the classic pilot’s watch, the so-called Flieger, there are a few names that might come to mind – in fact, 5 names to be precise. And of course, Laco is one to be mentioned. Inspired by the 1940s models worn by German pilots, the brand has been manufacturing these historically-inspired watches for several years now, with a pretty solid range of models. But what comes today goes multiple steps further, as Laco will offer the possibility to create THE perfect pilot’s watch, the one that will reflect your personality and preferences… and that will be possible thanks to the new Laco Flieger PRO range – comprising the Stuttgart PRO and Karlsruhe PRO models – and its online configurator, with thousands of possible design options.

Laco and the Flieger watch

Laco was founded in 1925 by Frieda Lacher and Ludwig Hummel in Pforzheim (Black Forest, Germany) under the name Lacher & Co. But contrary to many brands that were relying on Swiss parts to produce their watches, Laco wanted independence. Hummel on his side created Durowe, a movement maker that supplied Laco and other brands from the Pforzheim region – an area that will be known as the epicentre of watchmaking in Germany, together with Glashütte.

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As part of the war effort, Laco (and 4 other manufactures – A. Lange & Söhne, IWC, Stowa and Wempe) started the production of the classic B-Uhr or observation watch, a gigantic 55mm instrument made for pilots with a focus on legibility, precision and reliability. What will become a classic design for the watchmaking industry will also be the cornerstone for Laco’s modern collection, with dozens of variations around this pilot’s watch design.

The Laco Flieger PRO Configurator

While staying true to its roots and history, with a production largely focused around the “Pilot Watch Original” and “Pilot Watch Basic” lines, Laco has decided recently to offer more to its customers and fan base. While the collection was certainly not short of pilot’s watch models, Laco pushes the concept even further with the ability for enthusiasts to create their watch, thus satisfying the desire for more diverse customization and the capacity for each to create a watch that is perfectly suited to his/her expectations and needs. This concept is named the Laco Flieger PRO (PROgress, PROfessional, PROduct configurator) and it is entirely based on an innovative online configurator where one can create his/her watch from case, dial, strap and down to the movement – and much more…

Laco Flieger PRO Fully Customizable Pilot Watches - Stuttgart PRO and Karlsruhe PRO
Diversity and options… all together, more than 14,000 design variations are available.

Thanks to an online configurator available here, the Laco Flieger PRO concept allows you to assemble a fully customized pilot’s watch for your wrist, entirely based on your own preferences. It all starts by choosing between two distinct editions of the classic Flieger watch; the Stuttgart PRO, which is based on the “type A” model with classic hour markers in the shape of Arabic numerals, with a clean design and a unique track on the periphery; or the Karlsruhe PRO, which is based on the “type B” design, with a combination of 5-minute makers on the periphery and an internal 12-hour track. And once you’ve decided to go for the Stuttgart PRO or the Karlsruhe PRO, the Laco Flieger PRO configurator is all about the fun of choosing between dozens of options (it’s almost as complete as a BMW configurator… and car enthusiasts know what I’ll mean by that!)

Once the overall style is selected, you’ll start by customizing the case of your future Laco Flieger watch. First, three diameters are available – 37mm, 40mm or 43mm – with a relatively thin profile of 11mm. The only difference between these options is the size. The shape of the case remains the same, with of course longer lug-to-lug measurements depending on the chosen diameter. Also, note that the cases are all equipped with a screw-down crown, offering a solid 200m water-resistance.

Laco Flieger PRO Fully Customizable Pilot Watches - Stuttgart PRO and Karlsruhe PRO
37mm, 40mm or 43mm… And with two different finishings, and you can even choose the position of the crown (lefties are also welcome at Laco…)

Then comes the more in-depth customization process. First, you can choose the location of the crown – either classically at 3 o’clock, or at 9 o’clock for those preferring to wear their watch on the right wrist (ps. this option is only available when a no-date movement is selected). As you can see, there are also two different case finishings available, with a classic brushed surface or a dark sandblasted look (the coolest option, in my opinion). All cases have the traditional “FL23883” engraving on the caseband.

37mm brushed, 40mm sandblasted or 43mm brushed… your wrist, your choice!

And the options for the case don’t stop here… Once you’ve decided the size, crown position and finishing, comes the other steps, meaning the choice between a closed steel back or a sapphire caseback, and also the option for a classic sapphire crystal on top (with AR coating inside) or one with AR coating on both sides. But let’s now move on to an even more serious topic, the movement. First, you’ll have the ability to choose between an automatic movement (Sellita SW200) or a hand-wound movement (Sellita SW210). And once this is done, you can select if you want it with or without a date function, with a white or a black disc. And if that was not enough already, you can decide to go for an Elaboré movement (adjusted in 3 positions, 0 to + 14 seconds/day) or for a Top-grade movement (adjusted in 5 positions, 0 to + 8 seconds/day).

Laco Flieger PRO Fully Customizable Pilot Watches - Stuttgart PRO and Karlsruhe PRO

As for the dial, the options offered by the Laco Flieger PRO configurator are slightly more limited, with the choice between Type A (Stuttgart PRO) and Type B (Karlsruhe PRO) displays, and the choice between with or without the Laco logo and Made in Germany mention. On all models, the hands have the classic propeller shape and are blued, and largely filled with luminous material. All markers are equally filled with luminescence and the dials are all matte black to avoid reflections.

Laco Flieger PRO Fully Customizable Pilot Watches - Stuttgart PRO and Karlsruhe PRO
Type A or Type B, with or without logo, with or without a date… the Laco Flieger PRO configurator leaves you a lot of choices.
Laco Flieger PRO Fully Customizable Pilot Watches - Stuttgart PRO and Karlsruhe PRO
Above: the Laco Flieger PRO Stuttgart model in 43mm. Below, the Karlsruhe PRO in 40mm and 37mm.

A decent online watch configurator wouldn’t be achieved without offering the choice of a strap, and here you’ll be able to go for a classic riveted pilot’s strap in dark brown, in black or in vintage brown (once again, the coolest of the three, specifically when paired with the matte case). Finally, the Laco Flieger PRO configurator offers the ability to have a personalised engraving, either on the rotor (for the automatic versions) or on the caseback.

This must be said that the overall concept behind the Laco Flieger PRO is pretty fascinating and extremely easy to use. As always, there will be the difficult task of deciding what option to take or not, but I’m sure you’ll find your way to the watch that suits you best. Also, as you can expect from this German manufacturer, the overall quality of the watches is above suspicion. Serious, solid… Typical no-nonsense pilot’s watches.

Laco Flieger PRO Fully Customizable Pilot Watches - Stuttgart PRO and Karlsruhe PRO

Depending on the options, the watches designed thanks to the Laco Flieger PRO online configurator range from EUR 850 to EUR 1,600. If like me, you decide to go for a 40mm Karlsruhe PRO watch, with a sandblasted case, a hand-wound Top-grade movement, without date, a closed back, a sapphire crystal with double-antireflective coating, a non-marked dial and a vintage brown strap, the price will be EUR 1,230.

The result of my own configuration.

The new Laco Flieger PRO online configurator is already available and can be accessed on the watch manufacturer‘s website here.

Sponsored Post: This article is sponsored by LACO Watches. However, it reflects the writer’s opinion and has been written according to MONOCHROME’s editorial policy.

7 responses

  1. still not as extensive as Dekla’s customzations (which is probably what… “inspired” Laco in the first place). a pity they didn’t get to show you the “decorated movement” they’ll have as an option next month, as i was curious to see. btw, what about the lume? is the seconds hand lumed?

    also, i hope they offer an option WITHOUT a screwdown crown as it’s completely unnecessary on such a watch (and why i haven’t ordered one yet), and outright detrimental (if not completely stupid) on the manual wind variant. what’s this obsession with screwdown crowns among the WISes, anyway? it’s nonsensical…

  2. An excellent initiative from Laco, which shows the way to the all brands. Even at higher-end brands, tehre is almost aways a slight detail in an exceptional timepiece that we do not like. Is it the standard strap and buckle/clasp, it it the date/day complication.. is it the color of the seconds hand. It is fully also in accordance to how personalised experience is being conceived. I like the example of buying a new car (typically x times the cost of a wristwatch), where personalised experience at the “AD” aka dealer is to build the car as a customer sees fit and not just being groomed with handgloves.

    Speaking for myself there is currently a timepiece in teh market which I love, which I would have bought if I had the opportunity without the offered strap/clasp (which raises the cost at that model by ~€1K).

    And to clsoe my comment, I would have definitely bought a Flieger PRO, if I was not already wearing another Pilot.

    Great move from Laco,

  3. I have been wanting a Flieger with at least 10ATM as I swim with my watches often. This, coupled with the engraving on the rotor, and the thin case is a huge appeal to me.

  4. Thanks for the review. I’m about to order a Laco Flieger but not certain if I should get a 39mm or a 42mm. What size is your wrist? I have a 6.7″ (170mm) wrist.

  5. @MC – If that was me (and my 165mm wrist) I’d take the 39 model, for more comfort and a classic look. Now, with the 42, you’ll get a bit of an oversized style. So depends on what you prefer 🙂

  6. Thanks for the response. I also think the 39mm will be a better choice. I’m not a fan of bulky wathces.

  7. really cannot make up my mind, I am thinking of the date version but I can’t decide between the signed vs unsigned dial

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