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Kickstarter – The LUMBR Troy, a unique Wood Watch with Visible Automatic Movement

| By Matthew Catellier | 3 min read |
Lumbr Troy Wood Watch with visible Automatic movement

The world is changing at a very fast pace, technology is becoming so advanced that sometimes the old classic way of doing things, along with it’s intricate details, gets lost along the way. But there are some entrepreneurs out there who have noticed this trend, and instead of taking a backseat and watching, they have become pro-active. And today, a watch called the LUMBR Troy might surprise you, with a highly unusual material.

We noticed a new watch proposal on Kickstarter that may come as quite a surprise to you, at least it did to me, and the rest of us here at Monochrome. The proposal is coming from a company called LUMBR; a nifty branding job on the word lumber, which of course is derived from wood. No, it’s not just another wood watch; it’s quite spectacular and more closely related to the mechanical wood watches crafted by Valerii Danevych.

Lumbr Troy Wood Watch with visible Automatic movement

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The Troy Kickstarter watch has so many unique twists and turns in its story that you could practically create several sub proposals that each warrant their own investors. The watch model that LUMBR is starting off with in their campaign is called the Troy. And the Troy is hand crafted from solid oak or walnut shipwood!

It’s actually an amazing concept, as the Troy is a very eco-friendly proposal since it’s constructed from old ships, and not from freshly cut tress. It’s also hypoallergenic, and can withstand a little bit of water contact up to 3ATM.

Lumbr Troy Wood Watch with visible Automatic movement

This wooden timepiece is pretty large, coming in at 46 mm, which is best suited for a larger wrist. Paired with a smart casual outfit, the Troy looks stunning, and is sure to attract some attention.

Because of the wood chosen, each and every piece will be unique in color along with pattern, depending on which part of the boat the wood was taken from. Not only will the look be unique, but you will be wearing a piece from an actual ship, which kind of gives a sentimental value not found in any other metallic timepiece.

Lumbr Troy Wood Watch with visible Automatic movement

Remember the story of Troy? Where soldiers were hidden inside a wooden horse only to pop out and surprise the opponent? This Troy watch also has it’s hidden secret; it’s powered by a Japanese Miyota 8N24 skeleton caliber mechanical movement that is fully visible through the windows on both the front and back of the watch.

Lumbr Troy Wood Watch with visible Automatic movement

It’s an amazing concept that we think will attract a ton of backing, probably more so from watch aficionados like yourself who can appreciate the automatic movement in a wooden housing.  The proposed “Troy” has quite a few pledge options available on LUMBR’s Kickstarter page.

You can strap one of these fine watches on to your wrist for a starting price of 189 euros, which is quite a bargain buy. Or you can go all out and support LUMBR by pledging more than 1344 euros, in return you’ll receive 8 Troy watches (and start a retailer business…). For the full breakdown on how everything works, or to help fund this new company check out their Kickstarter page here.

Lumbr Troy Wood Watch with visible Automatic movement

This article is written by Matthew Catellier, who covers “Value Propositions” for Monochrome, and also publishes affordable timepieces on his own website Watch Review Blog.

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