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Karl Lagerfeld and his Yet-Unknown Rolex Ref. 6062 Stelline

The king of fashion had more than a black AP on his wrist.

| By Nick Gould | 3 min read |
Karl Lagerfeld 1984 - Rolex Moonphase Stelline 6062 Yellow Gold

On 19 February 2019, legendary German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld passed away. He was best known for his time at fashion houses Chanel and Fendi, as well as producing clothing under his eponymous label. He was also known for his bold yet good taste, with a unique wardrobe and also a now-famous AP watch… But today, we have found evidence of Karl Lagerfeld’s other watch, a yet-unknown Rolex Stelline Ref. 6062 in yellow gold.

In horology circles, Lagerfeld is known for owning an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 5402ST with an early form of black PVD coating. Audemars Piguet at the time never offered the Royal Oak with PVD coating, and it remains a mystery as to who customised the timepiece and how it ended up with him. Lagerfeld wore the Royal Oak over the cuff of his shirt sleeves, in the same vein as Italian industrialist Gianni Agnelli, who regularly wore his timepieces in this manner.

Karl Lagerfeld Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 5402 Black
Photo by Daniel SIMON/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

However, what we found today is rather special – and yet unknown. Indeed, Karl Lagerfeld might have owned more than one timepiece, and this other watch happens to be very rare, but somehow has slipped completely under the radar. It is a watch from Rolex… but isn’t your usual Daytona, GMT-Master or Submariner. It is far more exclusive, far more elegant and highly valuable.

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Karl Lagerfeld 1984 - Rolex Moonphase Stelline 6062 Yellow Gold
Photo by Jurgen Schadeberg/Getty Images
Cropped image – Photo by Jurgen Schadeberg/Getty Images

I came across a photo of Lagerfeld from 1984 and noticed the familiar sight of a gold Rolex jubilee bracelet. After inspecting the image closer, I realised Lagerfeld was sporting a very rare Rolex reference 6062 Triple Calendar Moonphase in yellow gold – collectors nicknamed it “Stelline”, Italian for “small star”, due to the star-shaped indexes.

Below, another image (circa 1985) where the watch can be seen on Karl Lagerfeld’s wrist, here again worn over his shirt’s cuff.

Karl Lagerfeld in 1985 – Photo by David Montgomery/Getty Images

The Rolex reference 6062 is the younger brother of the reference 8171 “Padellone”, which was the first Rolex model to feature a triple calendar with a moon-phase complication. The reference 6062 is more elegant in appearance to its older brother, as it was released in a 36mm Oyster case compared to the 8171, which came with a larger 38mm non-waterproof snapback case.

Karl Lagerfeld 1984 - Rolex Moonphase Stelline 6062 Yellow Gold - credits Phillips
An example of Rolex Moonphase Stelline 6062 Yellow Gold, identical to Karl Lagerfeld’s watch – credits Phillips Watches

In the photo, you can clearly see the moon phase at the 6 o’clock position, in addition to the day and date windows at the 12 o’clock position. It appears to have hour markers in the shape of stars, which would make it a rarer dial variation of “Stelline”.

The whereabouts of his black-PVD Royal Oak and the Rolex reference 6062 are currently unknown. It would certainly be very cool if they surfaced in 2020!

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  1. I think I like this Rolex. Especial compared to current Cellini, which I found tasteless.
    But this AP… grrr, its lovely. I am particularly found of the way it looks and the fact that it looks used with the edges being “white” instead of black. It has kind of a military style.
    Interesting article BTW!


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