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New Voutilainen Twenty-8 with new in-house movement

| By Frank Geelen | 2 min read |
Voutilainen Vingt8

Many watch enthusiasts have been waiting for this moment. Kari Voutilainen releases the Twenty-8 with his new in-house developed and in-house manufactured movement, calibre 28.

Kari Voutlainen decided to design his own new movement, calibre 28, and the movements are also manufactured in-house. When I visited Kari Voutilainen last summer he showed me around and he has all the facilities for doing so. Even more, all dials are engine turned by hand in the workshop. This enables every customer to choose his own finishing of the dial!

From the first impression you might think this is a Voutilainen Observatoire. The looks are very similar and it features typical tear drop lugs. However the case has a diameter of 39mm which is 1mm larger than the Observatoire. Under the dial is the big novelty and the reason why the diameter is slightly bigger!

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The movement has a special escapement featuring not one, but two escapement wheels! These give direct impulse to the balance and this construction requires no lubrication, which a huge advantage. The patent for this escapement is pending.

Both escapement wheels are giving impulses in opposite direction directly to balance wheel, through the impulse jewels mounted on balance stuff. The lever in middle holds the wheels and let them go one after another, directed by balance wheel.

Also note the fine adjustment of the balance wheel, which has only four regulator extenders. These are the four almost round parts on the balance wheel and are there to regulate the beat rate.

All components are manufactured in the workshop, except for the the mainspring, the hairspring (to which he gives a Breguet overcoil) and the jewels!

All parts are hand finished to the highest degree, something Kari Voutilainen is well known for among watch connoisseurs. This movement is fabricated from German silver and wheels are made from 18ct rose gold.

Like mentioned before, the case diameter is 39mm and it is available in red gold, white gold and platinum. The power reserve is 50 hours.

Price for the gold case version is 72K CHF and platinum one is 81K CHF.

For more information you can visit the Voutilainen website.

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  1. Very elegant, being able to choose your own dial is a nice service. It continues to surprise me how small manufacturers are able to make all their own components in this way. Personally I think this is one of the most attractive watches you have posted in qite a while, though the price is less so!

  2. Kari Voutilainen’s watches are incredibly elegant indeed. The price of a hand made car is different from the price of a Volkwagen. The same goes for watches, unfortunately…. But it’s always good to have a goal 🙂

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