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The Ressence Type 2N e-Crown Night Blue

Ressence's innovative hybrid watch comes back in a contemporary colour scheme.

| By Robin Nooy | 2 min read |
Ressence Type 2N e-Crown Night Blue

Ressence is continuing its blend of cutting-edge tech with traditional watchmaking. Every Ressence is an intriguing concept in the first place, but the e-Crown technology in the Type 2 makes it stand out even more. A simple tap on the sapphire crystal is enough to activate the watch and set the time. Add in Bluetooth connectivity for the benefit of mechanical watchmaking and this might just be our favourite kind of “smart” watch! New for Watches & Wonders 2021 is the introduction of the Ressence Type 2N e-Crown Night Blue.

Ressence Type 2N e-Crown Night Blue

Ever since its release as a concept in 2018, the Ressence Type 2 e-Crown has built on the brand’s unique concept of a completely revolving timing indication. Various satellites that rotate around the dial display hours, minutes and seconds and sometimes additional information. The patented e-Crown technology for the Type 2 collection adds a completely new style of watchmaking into the mix, with added functionality and versatility. 

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Ressence Type 2N e-Crown Night Blue

Ressence’s goal is to improve on the concept of a watch’s crown, which has been the prime use to drive, set and adjust a watch movement since its invention in 1842. To date virtually all watches are still operated by a traditional crown. The e-Crown relies on a fully integrated mechanical and electronic construction. Driven by a modified 2892/A calibre and fitted with a solar-powered electronic module accessible by tapping on the crystal. Doing so enables the display of a second time zone, enter the connectivity mode or switch off the watch altogether. Which mode your in is indicated by the sub-dial with a white arrow and orange, blue and green markers. 

Ressence Type 2N e-Crown Night Blue

The e-Crown system is quite useful, especially when you wear multiple watches in rotation. When connected via Bluetooth it can precisely set the correct time. It can also detect when the Type 2N isn’t worn and switches off the movement before the power reserve is depleted by stopping the barrel. It automatically restarts when you pick it up again, even weeks later, in theory eliminating the need to set and wind the watch. We’ve explained the construction and functionality of the innovative system in our in-depth video review of the Ressence Type 2 e-Crown, so be sure to check that out for more detailed information.

Ressence Type 2N e-Crown Night Blue

The Type 2N Night Blue indicates time not by the use of hands rotating over a dial, but rather by incorporating them into the dial itself. Hours are indicated by the revolving disc that features the brand’s logo, minutes by the large hand on the main dial component and the peripheral minute track, and seconds by a third satellite. The dark blue dial and updated colour pallet for the indications looks fresh and is arguably the most refined model in the collection, especially considering the polished grade 5 titanium case. 

Ressence Type 2N e-Crown Night Blue

The Ressence Type 2N e-Crown Night Blue comes on a dark blue leather strap and will retail for EUR 46,500 excluding taxes. More information on

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