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The MONOCHROME Montre de Souscription 2, The Czapek Antarctique “Monochrome White” Edition

Our own vision of a discreet yet superbly executed luxury sports watch.

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Following the success of the Montre de Souscription 1, which was a vintage-inspired sector dial chronograph made in collaboration with Habring², we’ve decided to change genre but stay true to what we, at MONOCHROME, love and cherish. For this reason, we’ve conceived a watch that summarises many of our preferences: a sports watch with an integrated bracelet, a discreet design with a monochromatic colour scheme, and a superbly executed movement. The result is the MONOCHROME Montre de Souscription 2, a new “Monochrome White” edition of the successful Czapek Antarctique. And it will be available for pre-order as of tomorrow, 16 December 2021.

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What I love so much about independent watchmaking has to do with discretion and a certain degree of selfishness. It’s all about real, discreet luxury. It’s something that flies under the radar, that doesn’t scream its pedigree, its price or its origin. Instead, independent watchmaking offers unabashed high-end watchmaking pleasure for those in the know, and above all, for the wearer of the watch. And with this MONOCHROME Montre de Souscription 2, we wanted to combine the coolness of a sleek, monochromatic luxury sports watch with genuine haute horlogerie – a treat reserved for those who can admire the reverse side of this handsome Czapek“, explains Frank Geelen, Founder of MONOCHROME.

A Montre de Souscription

Just like our first collaboration watch, we’re going to release the Czapek Antarctique as a Montre de Souscription. The Monochrome White Edition will be limited to 33 pieces and sold via subscription, a process that will sound familiar to those with some knowledge of watchmaking history. Starting tomorrow, from 16 – 30 December 2021, we will be taking pre-orders for the 33 subscription watches; the first deliveries are scheduled for February 2022. All 33 pieces will be delivered before the end of March.

MONOCHROME Montre de Souscription 2 - Czapek Monochrome White Edition

A Monochromatic Watch

Up until now, the Czapek Antarctique has been released with two types of textured dials: the inaugural Terre Adélie collection decorated using the lamé technique and the Passage de Drake with its flinqué dial. For our Montre de Souscription 2, we’ve worked with Czapek on yet another texture and colour that best represents MONOCHROME. The matte grained dial with its discreet silvery-white colour creates a coherent style with the case, making this Antarctique model even more integrated! Subtle, legible, elegant and easy to wear in any situation.

MONOCHROME Montre de Souscription 2 - Czapek Monochrome White Edition

Unlike anything you’ve seen from Czapek in the past, this new grained dial referred to as “Monochrome White” has a novel texture and colour. To animate this discreet, understated base, the red-tipped seconds hand provides a touch of colour, while the new inscription “Automatique” at 6 o’clock balances the brand name at noon. Note that on ordering this watch, you’ll be able to request a full steel seconds hand or a red-coloured one.

The MONOCHROME x Czapek Antarctique Monochrome White

When Xavier de Roquemaurel (CEO of Czapek) presented us the Antarctique model, he explained that “the message from our friends and shareholders was clear: to make a watch that exudes a feeling of preciousness, but that could also be worn and admired every day“. His description immediately spoke to us. This idea was entirely in line with our own vision of what luxury should stand for: a watch that is discreet, refined and beautifully executed, especially on the movement side.

The Czapek Antarctique is a luxury sports watch with a distinct personality that avoids the angular bezels often seen on these models. Its design is based on a barrel-shaped flat surface framing a round, sloped polished bezel. The brushed finishing of the case radiating from the dial’s centre adds a refined touch. Like all Czapek watches, the crown is protected by a crown guard. With a 40.5mm diameter, the watch has a versatile size that will fit most wrists. And even more so, because lug-to-lug, the watch measures only 45.1mm! Although the box sapphire crystal protrudes slightly from the case, its height of 10.6mm is thin enough to slip comfortably under a cuff.

MONOCHROME Montre de Souscription 2 - Czapek Monochrome White Edition

An important feature of luxury sports watches, the MONOCHROME x Czapek Antarctique Monochrome White is worn on an integrated stainless steel bracelet. Its brushed links contrast with the highly polished and stylised “C” for Czapek. The bracelet is flexible, soft to the skin and wears comfortably. Our Montre de Souscription 2 will be equipped with a new micro-adjustment, so the bracelet has some extra “stretch” when your wrist needs it.

MONOCHROME Montre de Souscription 2 - Czapek Monochrome White Edition

Lastly, the bracelet is fitted with an Easy Release system letting you change the bracelet for a rubber strap, and vice versa, and change the personality of the watch in seconds. The black, white or grey rubber strap (you’ll be able to choose when ordering the watch) comes with a triple-folding clasp.

The In-House Automatic Movement

The reverse side of Montre de Souscription 2 makes a formidable impression, revealing its beauty to those in the know. Calibre SXH5, the first movement developed and produced in-house by Czapek, is impressive on many levels. A self-winding movement measuring 30mm, the first thing to catch the eye is its distinctive architecture with a micro-rotor and seven bridges, five of which are open-worked, offering a captivating perspective on the inner workings.

MONOCHROME Montre de Souscription 2 - Czapek Monochrome White Edition

A variable inertia balance wheel is held in place by a transversal bridge. The Calibre SHX5 operates at 28,800 vibrations per hour and delivers a comfortable autonomy of 60 hours on one barrel, while the powerful, off-centred platinum micro-rotor provides greater winding efficiency. The finishing creates a striking contrast. It is modern but elaborate with hand-chamfered inward angles and drawing of the flanks. The central bridge, in black-polished steel, features no fewer than six meticulously polished internal angles.

MONOCHROME Montre de Souscription 2 - Czapek Monochrome White Edition

Availability and Price

The MONOCHROME Montre de Souscription 2 is limited to a maximum of 33 pieces and will be available via a subscription campaign at The watch is presented today, but to avoid the problem of some missing the opportunity of getting one example, the pre-order campaign will start in 24 hours, on 16 December 2021 (at 3 p.m. Central European Time / 9 a.m. New York time / 10 p.m. Singapore time) and it will end on 30 December 2021.

The price of the watch is EUR 17,200 (excluding taxes) and includes free insured international shipping and a 3-year warranty from Czapek.

When ordering the watch, we will ask for a non-refundable deposit of EUR 5,200 (excl. taxes). The remaining EUR 12,000 plus the applicable VAT/tax for your country will be charged when the watch is ready to be shipped. The watch will be shipped from Europe.

For more details on the MONOCHROME Montre de Souscription 2, visit the MONOCHROME Shop tomorrow as of 3 p.m.

If you have questions regarding the MONOCHROME Montre de Souscription 2 or if you want to show your interest in this watch, please send us a message using the form below.

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  1. Many congratulations on this collaboration, the watch is so much more luxurious (and far more subtle) than the Tiffany 5711. Hopefully we will get to see a “hands on” article in the New Year.

  2. The dial – it’s just right. From experience, AP’s silver RO isn’t white enough to give even that little bit of contrast, and Patek’s old 5711 white dial while pure enough, looked cheap.

    This one is the best Antarctique so far. I’m going to have a root around in my bank and see if I can excuse a punt tomorrow.

  3. @Gav – thanks really appreciate the feedback 🙂 and we’d be extremely happy if one of our most loyal readers/contributors to the comment section is part of the MdS team!

  4. This is sublime! Great initiative! New York, take notice … this is the right way to do it … 😉

  5. You made them pick one of the two rubber straps, classy ! Wouldn’t want to let them get over on you, on this inexpensive 3 hand steel watch you so kindly , almost gave away ! How much are those (rubber) straps anyway ?
    I know I am being snarky but seriously, how much does one of those straps cost, at cost ?

  6. @Gav
    Hi Gav, did you get this one ? Merry Christmas either way but if you got it , no “wishing” would be necessary ! 🕺😎

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