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The MONOCHROME Montre de Souscription 2, Launching 15 December 2021

Our second MdS is on its way... And it's everything we love at MONOCHROME!

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We’ve done it again… In June 2021, we successfully launched our very first limited edition watch, the Montre de Souscription 1, a vintage-inspired chronograph with a salmon sector dial made in collaboration with Habring², which sold out faster than we ever dreamed of. Next week we’ll present our second collaboration watch, the Montre de Souscription 2. And while we can’t reveal everything yet, here are a few details you need to know, so you can prepare yourself for what’s coming next week, on Wednesday, 15 December, at exactly 15:00 Central European Time – at least for the presentation, as we’ll leave another 24 hours for you to be prepared for the pre-order campaign.

Following the concept we introduced with the Salmon Monopusher MdS1, the Montre de Souscription 2 will again be offered as part of a subscription campaign. This watch, made together with Czapek and named “Monochrome White” Edition (yes, that’s the first clue…), will again be limited to 33 pieces, and from 15 – 30 December 2021, we will be taking pre-orders. We will ask for a down payment to reserve the watch, with the final amount charged when the watch is ready to be shipped – the traditional procedure for subscription watches.

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When the subscription period ends, and we know how many watches have been ordered, our partners at Czapek will start to manufacture the watches. We expect the first deliveries to commence in February 2022, and all 33 pieces will be delivered before the end of March.

The MONOCHROME Montre de Souscription 2 will be presented this coming Wednesday (15 December 2021) at 3PM Central European Time (GMT+1) / 9AM New York time / 10PM Singapore time. In order for you to be prepared and not to miss this launch, the Montre de Souscription 2 will be available 24 hours later, as of 16 December 2021 – 3 PM Central European time / 9 AM New York time / 10 PM Singapore time in the MONOCHROME Shop.

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13/12/2021 - pre-order campaign details updated

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  1. Do any of these things EVER get realised based on American buyers ? How about 3 pm EST ?? I don’t know for sure who the main buyers are, but I would bet , its us !

  2. @Ray – thanks for your comment. The choice of 3PM (Europe time) is based on a simple idea: making sure to offer it when most parts of the world (Asia, Europe and East coast) are awake. Unfortunately, we can’t make that happen for the entire planet. But if you’re interested in the watch, we’ve also made sure that there will be a 24-hour window between the presentation and the moment the watch will be available for order. And, if you like, you can also contact us by email ([email protected]) to show your interest in the watch. Let us know!


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