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The New Hublot Big Bang Unico Full Magic Gold

Music and mythology, Einstein and astrology: it all started with the Big Bang!

| By Denis Peshkov | 2 min read |

When the term “Big Bang” is mentioned, it can evoke different associations for different people. For many people, it may bring to mind the popular American television sitcom that aired from 2007 to 2019, while watch enthusiasts might immediately think of the Hublot Big Bang, a collection that has become synonymous with the brand since its introduction in 2005. Additionally, there’s Georges Lemaître, the Belgian cosmologist and father of the Big Bang theory, who proposed the idea of the universe’s expansion originating from a single particle explosion. However, today we focus on Hublot’s recent unveiling of the Hublot Big Bang Unico Full Magic Gold, a 2023 edition that showcases the brand’s grandeur and innovative use of materials.

In 2015, Hublot celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Big Bang with the release of the Big Bang Unico Full Magic Gold. This special timepiece featured Hublot’s scratch-resistant magic gold and housed the proprietary Unico movement, which boasted a visible dial-side column-wheel chronograph with a double clutch mechanism.

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Now, in 2023, we witness the return of this iconic concept, which marks its 18th year—an important milestone akin to the legal drinking age for high-proof alcohol in Switzerland. Humour aside, let’s delve into the essence of this new edition. The Big Bang Unico Full Magic Gold embodies the nature of Hublot, reflecting the brand’s creative philosophy and fusion of innovative materials.

The “magic gold” used in this timepiece is a meticulously crafted gold alloy. It involves compressing ceramic powder known as boron nitride in a mould and subjecting it to intense heat exceeding 2,000 degrees Celsius in a furnace. The heat fuses the ceramic particles, resulting in a porous structure. Liquid 24K gold is then injected into the material under high pressure. The resulting composite qualifies as gold, with an 18K purity level, containing a significant gold content.

The new iteration of the Big Bang Unico Full Magic Gold features a 44mm case made from this remarkable magic gold. Its unique shape, sandwich construction, and oversized pushers create a distinct visual identity. The bezel, crafted from the same magic gold, stands out with its six unaligned functional screws, adding a touch of individuality to the design. The skeleton dial pays homage to previous models, but this time without the presence of red accents, distinguishing it from the 2015 version.

Powering the timepiece is the self-winding chronograph Unico 2 movement, comprising 354 components. This HUB1280 Unico integrated flyback chronograph calibre operates at a frequency of 28,800vph, ensuring accurate timekeeping. Furthermore, the movement provides a substantial 72-hour power reserve, offering extended usage before requiring winding. The Big Bang Unico Full Magic Gold comes with an interchangeable rubber strap, utilizing Hublot’s own One Click system, and is secured on the wrist with a black ceramic and black-plated titanium deployant buckle. This limited edition release costs CHF 36,900 / EUR 40,600 USD 38,800.

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