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British Indie Watchmaker Garrick Introduces The Stellar S5 Moon Phase

The advocate for traditional British watchmaking shoots for the moon with its latest handbuilt beauty.

| By Robin Nooy | 3 min read |

Doing things the traditional way is not always the easiest, especially as continuously advancing technology provides solutions for many things but not everything. Traditional techniques are often harder to perfect, taking artisans years to master. Nevertheless, the undeniable charm of handmade continues to entice people, especially when it comes to watchmaking. British independent watchmaker Garrick understands and embraces this philosophy, as it regularly shows through its range of very appealing, mostly handbuilt watches. The latest to come out of the workshops in Norfolk is the S5 Moon Phase, the first watch ever by Garrick with an astronomical complication.

Let’s start things simple with the exterior of the new S5 Moon Phase. The 904L stainless steel case is identical to the one of the S5, which Garrick introduced last year. It’s more compact than the previous S-designated models, coming in at just 39mm in width and 8mm in height. It’s fully polished to a mirror-like finish and has a sturdy knurled crown to set the time. A slightly curved sapphire crystal covers the dial, with a second sapphire crystal covering the movement around the back. Although I can’t imagine taking such a watch for a swim, it’s nice to know it comes with 100m of water resistance.

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The beauty of pretty much every single Garrick lies in the in-house handmade dials, and the S5 Moon Phase only adds more drama to it. Based on the design of the S5, there’s an array of bespoke options to choose from. The engine-turned dial is made with a traditional rose engine lathe, and you can select various guilloché decorations. The Garrick anchor hands, or lancine hands if you prefer, can be polished or heat-blued. The chapter ring is finished with laser-cut Roman numerals and given a circular brushing. Obviously, the moon phase display at the bottom is new to the dial. This displays the 29.5-day lunar cycle in a traditional style, with a blue disc decorated with a moon and stars, with decorative stars on the cover plate as well.

Garrick has adopted its UT-G05 calibre, which was introduced with the S5, to accommodate the lunar display. Constructed in typical British watchmaking style, it has a three-quarter plate that can be gold or silver frosted. The balance wheel is exposed in the bottom half, covered by a distinct three-spoke bridge. Running at a rate of 21,600vph, the UT-G05 will run for a decent 60 hours once fully wound by hand.

The movement as seen in the classic (no moon phase) Garrick S5

The new Gatrrick s5 Moon Phase is worn on a handmade leather strap with various options, all fitted to a stainless steel pin buckle. The price is set at GBP 20,000 excl. VAT (GBP 24,000 incl. VAT for the UK). Garrick has allocated 10 build slots for next year to the new S5 Moon Phase, which might be a very low number, but we’re talking about a brand that mostly makes its watches by hand and is limited to an annual production of about 70 pieces. So if you miss out on the first batch, it will very likely take quite a while before new allocations are announced.

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