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Meet EveryWatch, A New Market Analysis and Information Platform

A new AI-based Information platform tracking tons of references through history, with an extensive network of sources.

| By Brice Goulard | 3 min read |

Collecting, whether we’re talking about wine, cars, art or watches, has changed drastically over the past few years. While passion is still the main driver behind the reason to create a portfolio of timepieces, investment – or at least the idea to retain value and to buy at the right price – has made a strong entry in the world of watch collecting. The stock exchange is, for that matter, easier to apprehend since it relies on tons of statistical tools, a necessity to find the right momentum. What about watches? Well, this is the goal of EveryWatch, a new online watch information platform that is all about gathering the most comprehensive data about the watch market.

EveryWatch gathers some familiar names, such as Chabi Nouri, Chairperson of the Board and former CEO of Piaget, or Alexander Friedman, collector founder of AF. Luxury Consulting, and a well-known name in the watch media industry, and Giovanni Prigigallo, the Co-Founder of EveryWatch. According to them, “EveryWatch is the only global online watch information platform, providing comprehensive and reliable watch data from brands, auction houses and marketplaces globally.” The idea of what is probably one of the most complete sources of data available online, is to be an AI-based aggregator (but not only) of historic prices achieved for most of the watch references, vintage or contemporary, at an exact time and with tools to analyse the current and possibly future value of a collection.

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A tool that has been designed equally for professionals (dealers, auction houses, brands, potential investors) but also for seasoned collectors and watch enthusiasts, EveryWatch “tracks more than 500,000 references through more than 250 auction houses and 150 online marketplaces and dealers.” It aims at providing access to information and analysis not available anywhere else. It includes a meta-search for luxury watches currently available for sale at auction houses and marketplaces worldwide, a database of historical sales prices dating back to 1989, the ability to track watches coming to market; and powerful analysis tools unparalleled in the watch market.

Prices of thousands of watch references, with a historical watch sale database, are gathered. It will also aggregate most new watches coming onto the market in real-time from over 250 auction houses and 150 online marketplaces and dealers. The idea is that almost all watch models, past, present and future, will be listed (with a low-limit of 300 dollars – anything above that price will be listed) in order to track prices of certain references.

As a dealer or auction house, the ability to track the historical prices as well as the most recent sales of a specific model will surely help define accurate and reliable pricing and identify trends. As a collector, this tool enables you to create a portfolio of your current collection, to monitor the evolution of your collection over the years and also to keep an eye on the prices and trends for the watches you’re looking to add to your portfolio. The platform also includes a trove of tools to analyze trends and statistics to understand the value and trends of specific watches or a full collection.

EveryWatch adds to these market analysis tools the ability to save detailed searches and receive notifications when watches that match the specific search characteristics are made available for sale anywhere in the world – from all listed dealers and auction houses. The main idea, for now (as more tools will be developed and functionalities added) is for EveryWatch to bring reliable, verified information in the second-hand watch market – not retail figures, but actual transaction prices. It is designed as a one-stop place for market analysis. As such, it seems like a powerful tool primarily designed for dealers, auction houses, brands (that want to keep an eye on the second-hand prices of their watches) and possibly collectors of a certain level, with extensive collections. Investment bankers will all tell you that information is key to creating a portfolio…

EveryWatch is available with a USD 49 monthly subscription for private collections here at

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