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The Brilliant Lederer Central Impulse Chronometer, Now In A Smaller Size

Using the same base architecture, Bernhard Lederer sizes down his fabulous CIC to 39mm.

| By Robin Nooy | 2 min read |

When Bernhard Lederer debuts his Central Impulse Chronometer in 2020, it didn’t go unnoticed. Here we had an esteemed independent watchmaker launching a watch with a double escapement inspired by George Daniels’ Independent Double Wheel Escapement pocket watch. Not only did Lederer use it as inspiration, but he also aimed to smooth out its driving force and optimise the geometry of the escapement parts. The result was a watch that not only sounded amazing on paper but looked even more impressive in real life. It was a fairly large watch though, at 44mm across. Now though, with a slightly revised design and movement, the brilliant CIC drops down to a graceful 39mm. 

Not only does it drop down in size, but the design of the case is also slightly different. Characterized by soft, elegant lines, the new case has a slender bezel for maximum visibility. As in previous editions, it’s topped with a domed sapphire crystal and a bowl-like sapphire crystal caseback, revealing tons of details. Its overall height has also been reduced, from 12.2mm to 10.75mm.

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The dial has a new design too, including the markers and hands. The CIC 39mm comes in white gold with a blue dial, or rose gold with a grey dial. The hour ring is raised slightly over the base dial, with a bevelled edge. On the outer edge is a minute track to ease the reading of time. The signature interlocking circles that form a figure-eight for the double small seconds indications have also been slightly revised, as the top one is opened while the bottom one is closed.

Technically speaking, the movement inside features a similar construction to the previous editions of the CIC yet reworked a bit to fit inside the smaller case. However, it still comes with two independent barrels, two independent gear trains, two constant force mechanisms and two independent escapement wheels. Running at a rate of 21,600vph, it packs up to 38 hours in total, once fully wound by hand. It also benefits from a new triggering system for the constant-force remontoirs.

The new Bernhard Lederer Central Impulse Chronometer 39mm comes in two limited series of 20 pieces each, fitted to a black or brown leather strap depending on the case material and dial colour. The price for each is CHF 136,800 excluding VAT.

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3 responses

  1. Cool tech but not $136,000 cool. There are just too many much more interesting and MUCH more beautiful watches for that kind of money.

  2. Incredible watches, and truly great effort to shrink them, but unfortunately the dials on these are not nearly as elegant as on the original 44mm versions.

  3. The clear back of this watch offers a panoptic peek into its inner workings. It’s a functional display, showcasing the meticulous engineering that keeps every second in motion. A nod to the aficionados who appreciate the mechanics as much as the time it keeps.


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