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Two New Versions Of The Lederer Central Impulse Chronometer (Live Pics & Price)

Lederer opts for pink gold and 904L stainless steel, and new dial colours for its stunning CIC.

| By Xavier Markl | 3 min read |

Awarded the Innovation Prize at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève in 2021, the Central Impulse Chronometer (CIC) is a fascinating technical development. With it, Lederer’s ambition was to take the next step on Daniels’ Independent Double-Wheel Escapement by incorporating it into a wristwatch. Just like for Daniels Space Traveller I and II pocket watches – 2Hz, the escapement is driven by two independent gear trains each with its own barrel. Bernhard Lederer brought his own tweaks to the escapement and added a remontoir d’égalité for each gear train. Following the initial introduction of two limited editions in white gold, the CIC now comes in two new versions in pink gold and 904L steel.

The Lederer Central Impulse escapement is inspired by the George Daniels pocket watch Independent Double Wheel Escapement, which was the British master’s take on the Breguet natural escapement. Fitted with two escape wheels, this type of escapement is said to be natural because the impulses are transmitted as directly as possible to the balance wheel. Thanks to the two independent gear trains, the power supply is optimal and the two counter-rotating escape wheels do not need to be geared together, making the escapement less complex and more efficient.

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Bernhard Lederer worked on different parameters of his movement, smoothing out the driving force to an extremely fine level (thanks to Reuleaux triangle remontoirs), optimizing the geometry of the escapement parts, lightening these energy-hungry components and reducing friction to a minimum. Altogether this results in a “hybrid” function of the escapement. Lederer mentions, on one hand, dual direct impulses at normal amplitude of the balance, and, on the other hand, the activation of indirect impulses at low amplitude. This ensures an optimal function in different conditions and that the escapement is self-starting.

Following the initial introduction of two limited editions in white gold, the Lederer Central Impulse Chronometer now comes in pink gold with a black rhodium dial and in 904L steel with a shade of blue that the brand calls Pacific. If 316L steel is the most widely used steel grade for luxury watches, 904L is the alloy used by Rolex. It is more challenging to work but Bernhard Lederer picked this specific steel among other reasons for its very special shine when polished and for its superior resistance to corrosion.

Just like for the first versions, the 44mm case is still fitted with two box sapphire crystals, one at the front and one at the back. This creates a slimmer metal profile while bringing light and immersive views to the dial and captivating, beautifully finished tri-dimensional movement. The engine-turned dial features interlaced, open-worked openings forming an “8” and revealing the two symmetrical gear trains and remontoirs. At their center, the second hands turn in opposite directions, in alternating steps. The open-worked hour and minute hands are manufactured in-house. Bevel-cut from a single steel block, each hand requires no fewer than 2 hours and a half of polishing.

These two beautiful new versions of the Lederer Central impulse Chronometer are released in limited editions of 25 pieces each. They both retail for CHF 138,600 excluding taxes. All in all, and following the two white gold versions of 2021, 100 pieces of the CIC will have been offered to collectors.

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