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Industry news – Omega Opens New High-Tech Factory in Biel and Prepares for the Future

| By Xavier Markl | 2 min read |
New Omega Factory Biel 2017

Today, Omega just unveiled their brand new eco-friendly premises designed by Japanese architect Shigeru Ban. Located next to the brand’s historical building where the brand is headquartered, the new factory was inaugurated today (Editor’s note: November 2, 2017) and it is an important step for the brand, allowing it to centralise its forces, hitherto spread out between various sites. No revolution there (which Omega does not need) but an evolution bringing watch assembly training and quality control (T2/T3/T4 for those familiar with the Swatch Group production flows), under one roof, and providing a cutting-edge setting to operate the brand’s production activities.

The technology used inside the building is indeed impressive. This is evident with watchmakers and operators’ workplaces benefiting from robotic assistance at the highest level, but also with the organization of the workflow and control procedures. The central stock is fully automated and has a storage capacity of 30,000 boxes stored in a volume of 3,660 cubic meters.

The New Home of METAS Testing

The new Omega Factory houses Omega’s quality and technical control processes, including the METAS testing for Master Chronometer certification during which Omega certifies its watches at stringent standards for precision, performance and magnetic resistance to 15,000 gauss. For more information, watch our in-depth video here.

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The Omega factory in 1965… On the right side, the old building where the new one has been built

The new production building is located Rue Stampfli. Where “Louis Brand & Fils”, known today as Omega Watches, moved its manufacturing activities in 1882. It is also a statement, sending a clear signal about Omega’s development plans and about how the brands invests to meet its ambitious quality standards – In this respect, visiting the facilities tells a lot about the meticulous obsession with quality at Omega – not that you would expect anything else from the brand. This is deeply ingrained in the company’s culture resulting in products of superlative quality… When Nasa or CIO looked for watch suppliers or timing partners, it is not by chance that they ended up selecting Omega!

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7 responses

  1. All this technology and when I contacted them and asked does ETA make the cal 1861 or is it made in the building that makes 8500/8900 they refused to answer? Also do Omega make all the main components of the moon watch themselves? They are happy to take our money but not answer our questions. I took my custom elsewhere. Shame I lost respect for Omega and they lost a customer.

  2. They are part of a huge corporation after all. As far as Swatch Group believes that they can make money from Omega, it’ll be developed. But if not – the story of Longines may happen: once a great brand and a direct competitor to Omega and best watch manufacturers became just an average horse in a stable… Of course, Omega’s now using all the fruits of being part of a big big group and milking the MOTM story.

  3. I have no problem buying Swatch group products because of the innovation and money they can spend on modern materials, testing, and assembly processes. All the more power to Omega. I am saving right now for my Planet Ocean Chronograph because I know the quality will be there.

  4. Never ever an Omega…..too commoditized… too spectacularly unremarkable…..

  5. It all depends what you want. As one of developer of the high magnetic field testing system for Omega, I can tell that the core philosophy is quality, stabilty and accuracy first, at a very high level without bullshit talk and advertising. Quality at Omega IS remarkable but does not need to be spectacular. It can also be afforded by many more nowadays. Bad news for those who wish to keep a small circle of privileged 🙂

  6. They can have all the hi-tech manufacturing they want in Switzerland. Their after sales service, namely the service center in New Jersey is a horrible place. If you don’t have great after sales service who cares about how great they are manufacturing new time pieces. Absolutely a horrible experience getting my Speedmaster Pro overhauled, keeps me from buying another Omega. An authorized service center in NYC had to fix it properly after Swatch in New Jersey did horrible job with the overhaul.

    Point is who cares about the tech when you have a poor network outside of Switzerland.

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