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HYT H0 Khaki Red Fluid & Black Fluid

The contemporary and minimalistic H0 and its fluidic time display in two new versions for 2019.

| By Brice Goulard | 3 min read |
HYT H0 Khaki Red Fluid

With HYT, the passage of time is interpreted in a different way from the usual convention of hands running over a dial. Back in 2012, HYT invented a display based on fluids to indicate both the time that has passed and the time to come. Inspired by ancient water clocks, the look of the watches is ultra-modern and technical. In 2017, the brand introduced the H0, a watch that took the concept of fluid time back to the bare essentials. Today, two new versions of this contemporary and minimalistic watch are presented, the HYT H0 Khaki Red Fluid & Black Fluid.

At HYT, time is liquid and its contemplation becomes a different, almost poetic experience. Together with its sister company Preciflex, HYT has designed high-tech bellows powered by a mechanical movement to propel fluid into a capillary (less than 1mm in diameter) and portray time in a linear fashion. The capillary contains two immiscible liquids working in opposition, the first one is coloured (indicating the time that has passed) and the second one is translucent. Their meeting point is a meniscus, which indicates “the now”. When the coloured liquid reaches 6 o’clock, it flows back to its original position in retrograde motion.

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The H0 presented in 2017 was a major design evolution of the original concept. The case was reduced to a minimum and made almost entirely from sapphire freeing the view on the display and refocussing on the main theme: the fluidic indication of time. The watch was less of a tool, reduced in size and, with no lugs, sat more comfortably on the wrist  – it was still an imposing piece at 48.8mm x 18.7mm, but more easy to live with. It was a new design manifesto for the brand: sleek, highly graphic with pure and modern aesthetics. It was also a tactile experience with its soft lines and smooth curves.

HYT H0 Khaki Red Fluid

For 2019, HYT has slightly revised the H0 with its two new editions: the H0 Khaki and Black Fluid. In addition to the new colour scheme, there are a few updates on the dial with newly shaped apertures over the bellows – protected by smoky grey sapphire crystals – and lateral hour indications with bold, luminous Arabic numerals. Combined with the phosphorescent fluid, this becomes a pretty graphic piece in the dark!

As mentioned, two new models of the HYT H0 are now available. The first, dubbed “Khaki”, relies on an anthracite DLC-coated steel case with a dark military green dial and red fluid and sub-dials. A matching rubber strap completes this HYT H0 Khaki. The second model, named “Black Fluid”, is a stealthier take on the concept with a black DLC-coated steel case, a dark grey and black dial and a black fluid for the hours indication. A black rubber strap is fitted on this HYT H0 Black Fluid.

Powering these HYT H0 is the well-known proprietary hand-wound movement developed by Chronode. This engine serves as a timekeeper first but also transmits its energy to the fluidic module by conversion of rotation into linear movement using a cam-follower system – thus acting on the bellows, themselves acting on the fluid. This movement, with its nice finishes, runs at 4Hz and stores up to 65 hours of power reserve.

These new HYT H0 Khaki Red Fluid & Black Fluid will be priced at CHF 42,000. More details at

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