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The Funky Blue Zenith Defy Revival Boutique Edition A3690

With straight-up 1969 flair, this is the third act in Zenith's Defy Revival line.

| By Robin Nooy | 3 min read |

What comes after gradient brown and burgundy red? Well, in the case of Zenith and the funky Defy Revival, it’s gradient turquoise blue, of course! Just as we suggested when we showed you the non-limited burgundy red edition, it’s not surprising more colours are following the success of the first one. And with a design straight from 1969, this fun watch series is much more than just a collection of Defy A36XX-inspired models. This third act is, once again, an extremely faithful recreation of the earliest Defy models, with pretty much the only departure from the original being a modern movement. And with that, we take a first look at this new Zenith Defy Revival Boutique Edition A3690.

This new reference follows the design of the limited-edition Defy Revival A3642 from last year and the non-limited edition A3691 launched during the LVMH Watch Week 2023 a couple of weeks ago. Once again, we’re looking at a robust, edgy stainless steel case created using production plans of the original Defy A36XX watches from 1969 with a 37mm diameter and a height of 13.6mm in height. So, in essence, everything is the same as it was 54 years ago. And where the original Defy was often described as “The Tough Guy”, the modern equivalent doesn’t fall short in robustness as it also has a 300m water-resistance rating.

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The design is very ‘retro’, of course, with its angular case and scalloped edges, 14-sided tetradecagonal bezel and contrasting finishing. This is by far the most significant part of the watch’s appeal, although it might be a smidge too much for some. But it doesn’t end with just the exterior, as everything visible under the front crystal is also loyal to the 1969 original.

The original Zenith Defy 1808-68 this A3690 Recreation is based on –

Following the aforementioned gradient brown and red dials Zenith introduced previously, this gradient turquoise blue execution is a colour found in the original Defy A3690 as well (see above). The polished ridges highlight the unique shape of the applied faceted hour markers. Discreet dots of luminous material look exactly the same as they did back in the Defy’s early days, which also goes for the printed white track on the outside edge of the dial. The hands are no exception, and despite the fact it’s always a topic for debate, the placement of the date window between the 4th and 5th-hour marker is also accurate.

At the beginning of the article, we already mentioned the most significant change in this modern Defy Revival A36XX series is the choice of movement and that it’s now visible thanks to a sapphire crystal caseback. Instead of, let’s say, using vintage NOS movements found in Zenith’s archives, this modern recreation packs the Zenith Elite 670 automatic. This ultra-thin movement beats at a rate of 28,800vph and delivers 50 hours of power reserve. The finishing is very nicely done, with Côtes de Genève and circular graining, and it’s topped with a central rotor in typical Zenith style.

Just like its two siblings, this Zenith Defy Revival Boutique Edition A3690 comes on a stainless steel ladder bracelet – inspired by the ones made famous by Gay Frères – secured to the wrist with a folding clasp. It’s a non-limited edition but only available through Zenith’s boutiques and its online e-Commerce boutique. The price is set at CHF 6,900, which is on par with the other two.

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