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The Black & Yellow MeisterSinger Pangaea Day Date (Live Pics)

Striking looks, single hand, clever complication, this is the MeisterSinger we know and love!

| By Robin Nooy | 4 min read |

One-handed watches go back centuries and were derived from tower clocks that used to rely on a single hand for a very long time. The reason for this is quite simple, back then, the need for precision timekeeping simply didn’t exist. Secondly, the very first timing devices were simple sundials, where a peg’s shadow cast around some sort of scale showed the day’s progression. This archaic time-telling system is the philosophy behind MeisterSinger and its very well-known one-handed watches. The idea to have time passing by at a seemingly more leisurely pace is quite refreshing in today’s rushed society, to be honest. But even though it feels very “now”, MeisterSinger has been doing this for over 20 years and has created plenty of intriguing watches around the concept. One of which is the clever use of exposed discs for additional complications, such as this new MeisteSinger Pangaea Day Date limited edition in provocative black & yellow.

I have regularly had MeisterSinger watches in for hands-on stories (I even own one), so this new version of the Pangaea felt very familiar yet has a few details worth mentioning. The very pleasant 40mm case, for instance, has very comfortable bowl-like construction to it. The completely brushed finish gives it a bit of an industrial look and tones down the harshness of the black and yellow. Because let’s face it, the colour combination is quite in your face. Nevertheless, it grew on me during my time with it! Continuing, the case measures a reasonable 10.5mm in height and, with its slender-shaped lugs, sits very comfortably on one’s wrist. The domed sapphire crystal follows the curvature of the case. The caseback is held in place with six screws and has a smooth curvature as well.

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The main talking point of any Pangaea, but this one perhaps even more so, is the dial. Not only has MeisterSinger created a clever, intuitive and unique look for the day and date indications, but had the creative audacity to finish it all in striking black and yellow! The brand is no stranger to the use of colour, as we’ve seen in the past, but this one is perhaps the boldest yet. Revealing the full discs for the day and date has always been a nice touch by the German manufacturer, which helped cement its legacy through watches like the Perigraph, Pangaea and Adhaesio. And where the Perigraph is a pillar collection for MeisterSinger, the Pangaea is basically one step up from the original concept.

The dial is split into four sections, starting with the yellow and black outer timing track. And I say timing track and not minute track deliberately, as it’s divided into full-hour, half-hour, quarter-hour and five-minute segments. One step inwards is a black section with MeisterSinger’s signature double-digit hour indices printed in white. Then come the two discs for the date (outer disc) and day (inner disc), which again are yellow with black and red indications. The black centre section is fixed and has a red triangular pointer to identify the correct day and date, along with the MeisterSinger and Pangaea names in white. The large needle-shaped central hand is finished in white with a bright red tip.

The caseback is incorrectly printed with “One of 100”, as we shot a very early production sample. The black & yellow Pangaea Day Date is limited to 200 pieces.

Around the back, the sapphire crystal caseback reveals the Sellita SW220-1 that’s regularly used by MeisterSinger. This not only indicates the hours and minutes through its central hand but also the day and date on two rotating discs. Both are set through the first position of the pull-out crown. Running at a rate of 28,800vph, it provides 38 hours of power reserve. The central rotor is customised with a golden-coloured outer band and the MeisterSinger signature and logo on the inner two bands. This adds a nice touch to the acceptable yet simply finished movement. One small complaint, though, completely outside of MeisterSinger’s doing, is the autonomy of 38 hours. I feel it’s time Sellita stepped up and improved on this somehow.

The MeisterSinger Pangaea Day Date in this distinct combination of black and yellow is limited to just 200 pieces, all worn on a black vintage saddle leather strap fitted with a steel pin buckle. It retails for EUR 2,390 and will be available in the first quarter of 2023 through MeisterSinger’s online boutique and retailers.

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