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The New Nomos Orion 33 Gold and Orion 38 Silver (Live Pics & Video)

A new pair of elegant watches playing on gold tones.

| By Brice Goulard | 3 min read |

Glashütte-based Nomos is certainly one of the coolest watch brands in Germany. Although its watches are minimalist in design, they still have plenty of character and personality. And today, we’ll be taking a look at a fresh release by the equally fresh watch manufacture. And it’s not one watch but a pair of Orion models in two sizes, with new golden accents for a touch of warmth and luxury – but without an exorbitant price tag. And don’t think these watches are all about the looks. They are also about mechanics. Here are the Nomos Orion 33 Gold and Orion 38 Silver.

Nomos Orion 33 Gold and Orion 38 Silver

Nomos is one of the youngest watch manufacturers in Saxony, Germany. Founded in 1990 and still independent today, Nomos has always focused its production on a combination of minimalist designs inspired by the Bauhaus school, and serious watchmaking credentials with movements made in-house. But what makes Nomos unique is this youthful, fun twist that appears in almost all its watches.

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The latest models are a pair of Orion watches, the Orion 33 gold and Orion 38 silver. This collection is undoubtedly one of the most classical with its timeless elegance. Thin, minimal and yet refined, the pair pay tribute to the Glashütte School of Watchmaking and the Golden Twenties. The smaller version flaunts a lustrous gold-coloured dial, while the larger model bears a silver-plated dial with gold accents. 

Nomos Orion 33 Gold and Orion 38 Silver

Nomos Orion 33 Gold and Orion 38 Silver

As with many of the watches produced by Nomos, these two new Orions are truly versatile. Besides the classical, elegant design and dials, it’s also about the size of these models. Indeed, both could be regarded as unisex watches. The larger model, with its silvered dial and its 38mm stainless steel case, is definitely a watch that can be worn either by a man or by a younger woman who prefers the oversized touch. And with its 32.8mm case and gold-plated dial, the smaller watch will certainly appeal to a more classic feminine audience. But who knows, a man could also wear it, as the elongated lugs make it wear a bit larger than expected. Plus, in all fairness, this gold dial paired with the velvet grey strap really looks attractive in the metal.

Size and colours apart, the Orion 33 gold and Orion 38 silver are identical models. Both have the same attention to detail with polished and galvanized dials that play a lot with the ambient light. They reflect the environment and are truly lively on the wrist. Minimalist…? Well, not that much when you’re wearing it. Also, these watches feature silver or gold-plated faceted and applied indexes, which add depth to the dial. The display is clean, elegant and timeless, with central hours and minutes and a small seconds counter with a concentric pattern. And both are very thin watches, with a height of only 8.5mm for the small version and 8.9mm for the larger watch. 

Nomos Orion 33 Gold and Orion 38 Silver

Nomos Orion 33 Gold and Orion 38 Silver

Inside, no surprises as they are both equipped with the brand’s cornerstone movement, the Alpha – which, as indicated by its name, was the brand’s first in-house calibre. This compact hand-wound movement is nicely finished, with stripes, blued screws and a typical German three-quarter plate. This ultra-thin calibre – only 2.6mm – runs at a 3Hz frequency and stores 43 hours of power reserve. And in both cases, it’s visible under a sapphire caseback. It is adjusted in 6 positions and features a stop-seconds mechanism.

Typical of Nomos watches, this duo of new Orions is presented on attractive, casual straps in velvety leather. The 33 Gold has a night grey strap, while the 38 Silver plays it more classic with an anthracite strap. 

And while we’re talking about these watches, they also come at relatively accessible prices, even for Nomos. The 33mm model retails for EUR 1,460, and the 38mm model for EUR 1,600. Something to keep in mind with the holiday season around the corner… More details about the Nomos Orion 33 Gold and Orion 38 Silver and orders at

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  1. A “younger woman” because I know better than the “old ones” should wear?

  2. when, when will nomos realize that the orion is shouting to be completed with their best in-house movements as a higher category alternative?

  3. One (the Ø 33 mm) of the veeery few, rare watches shown by Monochrome that are worth to be token in mind (and possibly token at all) for its elegant, svelte, fresh and classic (‘timeless’, Ok) understatement.

  4. How can you say they are identical? The bigger ones obviously shows that it has a caliber that was not made for it. Everything on the smaller watch has better proportions. They also do 35mm, better than the 38 but still a compromise. I say, if you can’t wear the 33 just find some other watch.

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