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Grand Seiko Spring Drive GMT Sport Two-Tone Ref. SBGE248

Grand Seiko introduces a new Spring Drive GMT watch in its sport collection, with an unprecedented steel-and-gold design.

| By Brice Goulard | 2 min read |
Grand Seiko Spring Drive GMT Sport two-tone SBGE248

Grand Seiko has been on the rise recently and upped its game by presenting multiple styles of watches, from dressy pieces like the Elegance collection or more impactful watches such as the brand new Spring Drive Sport. What is certain is that the brand is adding some boldness and originality to its collection. The latest model, a new GMT timepiece which forms part of the Sport Collection, is the perfect example of this new strategy. Meet the Grand Seiko Spring Drive GMT Two-Tone Ref. SBGE248.

One of the key topics at Grand Seiko recently has been Spring Drive technology. Celebrating the 20th anniversary of this innovative movement, the Japanese brand wants to take advantage of this proprietary architecture and make it a key element of its collection. So be prepared to see more and more hybrid watches at Grand Seiko.

Grand Seiko Spring Drive GMT Sport two-tone SBGE248

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The new Grand Seiko Spring Drive GMT SBGE248 is based on an existing model, the ref. SBGE201, a sports watch with GMT function, positioned as the modern traveller’s option at GS. On the base of this well-known and much-praised watch, Grand Seiko adds a rather dramatic splash of boldness, with new colours and materials.

Grand Seiko Spring Drive GMT Sport two-tone SBGE248

The case, in stainless steel, measures 44mm x 14.7mm – as often with GS, the Spring Drive GMT is a large watch. What changes here is the addition of an 18k yellow gold bezel and crown, an unprecedented two-tone steel-and-gold scheme for the brand. The second evolution concerns the sapphire bezel insert and the dial, both treated in royal blue, for high contrast with the gold bezel. The dial also features gold-coloured hands and indexes.

Grand Seiko Spring Drive GMT Sport two-tone SBGE248

Inside the case of the Spring Drive GMT two-tone SBGE248 is the in-house calibre 9R66, an innovative hybrid movement which relies on the practicality of an automatic winding and the precision of quartz regulation – more details on the Spring Drive technology in this in-depth article. The Spring Drive GMT delivers a precision rate of one second per day and boasts a power reserve of 72 hours. The GMT hand can be adjusted to local time without stopping the movement so that the watch’s accuracy is maintained, even when the time zone is changed. A date and a power reserve complete the watch.

Grand Seiko Spring Drive GMT Sport two-tone SBGE248

The Grand Seiko Spring Drive GMT two-tone SBGE248 will be available worldwide from September 2019. Price is expected at EUR 12,500 or USD 11,500. More details at

6 responses

  1. Many Seiko watches are given nicknames by The Watch Community. I propose this model be called “The Las Vegas”.
    In a word, bleuch!

  2. Seiko needs to be careful about losing the very element that made Grand Seikos special to begin with.
    I just bought one of their understated sports models. It’s all grey and silver and is a thing of beauty. because, like the snowflake, it’s tastefully done.It has a sense of what the Japanese call ‘Shibui’. This new “boldness” and “originality” ( originality, really? ) makes the Grand Seiko look like it’s trying to out-bling Rolex ( not necessary ) and is too OTT. It doesn’t suit the nature of GS.
    Nomos has also suffered from this attempt at flashy styling with their recent models like the Autobahn and sports Tangente. I suppose this model would go well with your yacht though, if you are lucky enough to own one.
    I love Grand Seiko but I’d like to see them retain their sense of tradition and design.They don’t have to be boring, but should retain some kind of elegance.
    Yeah, this is the Las Vegas Fireworks model and is almost 70’s Kitsch.
    Is this really what people want from Grand Seiko or is it what the Japanese think the American market wants because of Rolex?

  3. If this was a Rolex timepiece people would be calling it the most beautiful watch ever. To be expected from label seekers.

  4. I like this watch a great deal, except the size. If it was a 40 or 41mm it would be great for everyday wear. As it is I think it’s for sport only, and then why do you need a GMT?

  5. Yes, GS are really losing it. They have quite obviously decided to throw everything that makes them GS in the hunt for The New Jersey Dollar. I expect them to be featured in a rap video soon, at which point they will be done.
    Thankfully, they still seem to be making real GS watches for those in the know.

  6. I think it is wonderful, bold, a real “STFU”-watch.
    The elitism from others in the comments is not nice – buy something else then.

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