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Gourmet Chocolate: Devon Tread 2 Godiva (Photos, Specs and Price)

| By Robin Nooy | 2 min read |
Devon Works Tread 2 Godiva

What a weird title, isn’t it? Well, yes and no. Godiva is the name of the latest version of the Tread 2 by Devon Works, introduced during this year’s Baselworld fair. The name might bring you back to Queen’s 1979 hit Don’t Stop Me Now! The lyrics include a reference to Lady Godiva, but is that certain Lady the actual reason for naming the Tread 2 “Godiva”?

Again, yes and no. The Tread 2 Godiva got its name from the Godiva Chocolate Company located in Brussels, Belgium, for the rich brown color of the case. This world-class supplier of Belgian chocolates was founded by Joseph Draps in 1926, and named after 13th century Lady Godiva for one famous act of unselfishness. Being married to a powerful ruler, Lady Godiva insisted that her husband would reduce the imposed taxes. Being fed up with her requests, he confronted his wife with a challenge: ride a horse through the streets of Coventry, naked and the taxes would be lowered. After she accepted, and executed the challenge, her husband stayed true to his promise and decreased the taxes. Let’s see if mrs. Obama finds inspiration in that.

Devon Works Tread 2 Godiva

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History lessons aside, we applaud very few battery driven watches. However for the ‘machines’ coming out of the Devon workshops, we gladly make an exception. That’s why we covered the Tread 1 and Tread 2 before, and even paid attention to the full bling-bling gold Tread 2G. Maybe not our personal taste, however it would look good on a rapper’s wrist.

The distinctive feature of the Devon Tread 2 Godiva is the chocolate brown, PVD coating on the case, brown nylon belts for time indication and gold-tone movement parts. The brown coating is a welcome change to the over-familiar black PVD or DLC coatings we see, and has a surprising effect on the Tread 2. The deep tone of brown can shift to a dark purple shade or copper tones under the right lighting circumstances. To finish off the chocolate theme, the Tread 2 Godiva is attached to a brown leather strap with brown coated clasp. Bit of a disappointment, is that the “alligator” strap is a calf-leather strap with embossed crocodile pattern.

Devon Works Tread 2 Godiva

The Tread 2 Godiva will be available for a retail price of $13,950 USD.

Technically, the Tread 2 Godiva still has the same specifications, which we already explained to you in this article about the Tread 2, however let us list a few of the most important specs:

  • Case: stainless steel, brown PVD coated, 44 mm x 42 mm x 14.5 mm case, water resistant to 10M
  • Movement: battery power movement, with a lithium-polymer rechargeable battery, power reserve of 28 days, inductive wireless charging system, fiberglass-reinforced nylon time belts of just .002 inch thick
  • Strap: brown croc-embossed calf leather strap, with brown PVD coated clasp

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