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A Full Gold Version of the Devon Tread 2, called the Tread 2G

| By Frank Geelen | 1 min read |
Devon Tread 2G

Devon Tread are Scott Devon’s horological creations and always feature a mix of nylon belts, and miniature electronic motors that drives the belts. Yes, it doesn’t happen often that we talk about battery-driven watches over here at Monochrome Watches, however for the unique time-telling machines from Devon Works we gladly make an exception. Devon’s second model, the Tread 2, is now being released in bling, bling, solid gold!

The full gold version is called Devon Tread 2G; does that “G” stand for Gold? We believe that’s a good guess, because the case, the bezel, crown, stem, case back, screws, strap clips and the clasp are all machined from 18K gold. Also the movement motor covers, adjustment plates and indicator plate are from solid gold. And the bracelet as well, again a few hundred grams more of 18K gold. Together that is a lot of gold and we’re looking forward to Baselworld, when we can hold that chunk of solid gold, electronic motors, nylon belts and sapphire crystal in our hands.

Devon Tread 2G

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Until than we’ll have to do with this set of photos. And for a detailed description of this cool timepiece, which operates on a lithium polymer rechargeable battery, that lasts up to 28 days, you can have a look at our previous write-up about the Tread 2 here. If you like to read how the first Devon Tread works, check it out here. No word on the price yet, but the normal Tread 2 is priced just below the $10,000 USD level.

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