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GIVE AWAY: Win a Rolex Explorer at CHRONEXT

| By Frank Geelen | 5 min read |

The good folks over at CHRONEXT are giving away a brand new Rolex Explorer I. It’s the one that was introduced at this year’s Baselworld watch fair, the one that we recently compared to its predecessor when our contributor Ilias also explained the important history of this model. Yes, you read this correct, you can win a brand new Rolex Explorer ref. 214270 and all you have to do… is register for the CHRONEXT newsletter!

CHRONEXT is an online platform for the sale and purchase of luxury watches. You can buy watches, sell watches, or call on a range of services for the maintenance or overhaul of your watch. CHRONEXT claims guaranteed security and first-class service, so we asked Philipp Man, the CEO, a few question about CHRONEXT and to what degree this they differ from the competition. You might be familiar with his name, as we already discussed his Patek Philippe Nautilus for the Collector’s Series. But first Philipp Man talking about CHRONEXT!


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Mono: In a few words, what is CHRONEXT?

Philipp: CHRONEXT is an online marketplace for buying, selling, and servicing of luxury watches. Unlike other online platforms, we provide the same security and service as any high-end boutique. Our certified in-house watchmaking atelier inspects every timepiece that passes through our online shop, guaranteeing quality and authenticity, which is a service that no other marketplace offers.

Mono: Can you explain briefly how the entire process of buying at CHRONEXT works?

Philipp: The buying process at CHRONEXT is extremely simple. The website provides an intuitive user experience, ensuring our clients are able to easily navigate between over 15,000 watches available. Once a client has purchased their ideal timepiece online, we obtain it from our suppliers, where the majority of our watches are to help us keep our costs and prices extremely competitive.

Once the watch arrives in our Cologne office, it is inspected by our certified watchmakers to ensure that it meets quality standards and is in fact, an authentic timepiece. The watch is then provided with a CHRONEXT Certificate, which warrants that it has been verified in our atelier, and provides 24 months of warranty, in addition to any warranty that may be provided by the manufacturer. The CHRONEXT warranty additionally offers a complimentary part-revision, which can be carried out by our watchmakers within 24 months of purchasing the watch. The purchased watch is then shipped to the client fully insured, allowing our clients to sit back whilst we take care of the whole delivery process from a to z.


Mono: CHRONEXT has a focus on security of the transaction; what exactly does this mean and how does this compare to the rest of the online buying / selling landscape?

Philipp: When a client purchases a watch from CHRONEXT, they can be 100% certain that they are getting exactly what they paid for. Each and every watch is inspected by one of our certified watchmakers in our in-house atelier, removing the concern that many buyers have when purchasing online. Our certification process relies on the culmination of 13 meticulous steps, which ensures the quality, the precision, and the authenticity of the timepiece and its components. I am proud to say that our in-house atelier is fitted with top of the line instruments and machines and, of course, houses some of the most skilled watchmakers. Thus, our clients can be sure that their timepieces are in the right hands. This helps us stand out, considering not all retailers take the necessary steps to ensure they are providing the promised product.

Mono: Is there a focus on specific watches at Chronext?

Philipp: It is a matter of supply and demand in the end. I would not say there is a particular focus on a brand at CHRONEXT, but we are offering fine timepieces that exceed the 800 GBP mark. We focus on what our customers want. At the same time, with over 15,000 watches in our shop, there is a very wide range of models to choose from. Not to mention, our Watchhunters will find the watch for you if it isn’t currently available in our shop.



Mono: Second hand market of watches is growing. How do you see the future for the market, for you and what will you develop in the near future?

It is true, the second-hand market is growing and this will result in continual changes to the state of the current market. It is companies like ours that provide safety and an enjoyable experience online for those looking to purchase a second-hand watch. We are shaping the definition of online luxury shopping and it is our aim to establish ourselves as the first destination for luxury timepieces online. This means that the developments we implement in the future will further emphasise reaching this goal.

Mono: Now we already briefly announced a sweepstake… can you tell our readers what they can win?

It’s the Rolex Explorer I that was introduced at the this year’s Baselworld. It’s the reference 214270, that’s 3 mm larger than the previous model, but still reminiscent of the original Explorer which braved the elements on the wrist of Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay in 1953. A really eye catching aspect of the model is its excellent Chromalight display, meaning that the hour markers, hands, and indices are filled with a luminescent that emits a blue glow. In addition, the model is fitted with the Perpetual Calibre 3132, which is entirely manufactured by Rolex. It’s a very popular model in our shop, that’s why we chose it for the giveaway. It’s very crisp and clean watch – a definite classic.


Mono: And most important, what do they have to do to win it?

Philipp: It’s very easy. Go to our website, sign up with your email, and that’s it! Good luck!

OK ladies and gentlemen, you heard it, head on over to the CHRONEXT website HERE and register to the newsletter.

The winning name/email will be drawn from all participants, and that should happen towards the end of this year. We’ll keep you posted of course! Oh by the way, in the coming weeks we’ll pick up our 5 Cool Finds again, and show you some of the coolest watches available through Chronext.

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  1. For those of us “Watchers” your great forum is a wonderful way of staying in TUNE w/ the watch world!
    My thanks for being here!
    Mike Cotter

  2. “It’s very easy. Go to our website, sign up with your email, and that’s it! Good luck!” Not really….if you read the terms and conditions you have to be a resident of the European Union, to be eligible. I’m not sure if they only buy and sell within the EU, but in a global world that all seems a bit silly to me.

  3. Peter, you are correct. Terms and conditions clearly state that this open to EU residents.

  4. Hi Monochrome, i’ve looked at Chronext instafeed and website however there is no mention of a Winner of the Rolex Explorer anywhere??? Would be great to know + find it rather weird that a competition of such magnitude would not be mentioned on social media. Thanks

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