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De Bethune Dream Watch 6 Table Clock x @byJorgHysek

De Bethune’s 6th Dream Watch is not designed for the wrist…

| By Xavier Markl | 2 min read |

The Swiss Jura region where the De Bethune’s manufacture is located (in L’Auberson near Sainte-Croix) is known as “Haute Horlogerie wonderland”. Saint-Croix is certainly reputed for its wristwatches but also for a variety of expressions of mechanical art, in particular automata and music boxes. It is, therefore, no surprise to see De Bethune venturing beyond the format of wristwatches. Meet the De Bethune x @byJorgHysek Dream Watch 6.

Note: this new timekeeping object is not De Bethune’s first table clock. In 2003, Denis Flageollet designed a mysterious Stellar clock, inspired by marine chronometers of yesteryear.

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Even though it is a table clock, the De Bethune Dream Watch 6 is unmistakably De Bethune – meaning, in a class of its own and well beyond the confines of mainstream watchmaking. For the occasion, the brand has teamed up with Swiss artist and designer Jorg Hysek to create a retro-futuristic object. The result is like transposing the dial of a De Bethune watch into the larger format of a table clock, a mechanical sculpture infusing a century-old tradition with a modern creation. 

Framed by Roman numerals, the signature De Bethune blue night sky dial, made of blued mirror-polished titanium and inlaid with white gold stars, is highlighted by a mysterious hour and minute indication via two spheres. A spherical moon phase, one of De Bethune’s iconic complications, completes this captivating display. 

At the heart of the De Bethune Dream Watch 6 Table Clock, and visible under a transparent dome, is the 180-component hand-wound mechanical movement 1318-010 entirely manufactured by De Bethune. Running at 18,000 vibrations per hour and boasting 8 days of power reserve, it displays the hour, minute and the moon phase with an accuracy of 1 day every 1225 years. Designed in concert by Denis Flageollet and Jorg Hysek, the casing incorporates typical De Bethune design elements: dynamic lines, the brand’s hallmark blue and the use of titanium.

The price of the De Bethune Dream Watch 6 Table Clock is set at CHF 190,000. For more information, please visit

3 responses

  1. New 911 Turbo or a table clock? I know, the clock, naturally.

    Ye, right, DREAM on…

  2. OK. Eerrrr. Right. Give me a minute to recalibrate. OK. First of all, this thing is…not large. Which means it needs to be…where? On a side table? Or on your desk? The kind of place a person would naturally place a drink or cup of coffee? Sooooo, you’re going to have a small, fragile item which costs as much as an Aston Martin just…lying about? So either you will become very anxious about it, or spend your time telling guests to be careful or 200 grand doesn’t mean much to you.
    This needs to be much bigger and have holes for screws on the feet, so it can be properly secured in an appropriate place and be legible.

  3. Legible would be great especially for that price. I’d be a nervous wreck bringing this home incase it got an accidental knock.

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