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The Cyrus Klepcys Dice Double Independent Chronograph Evolution

An unprecedented double monopusher chronograph capable of measuring two short intervals independently.

| By Brice Goulard | 4 min read |
Cyrus Klepcys Dice Double Independent Chronograph Evolution

Founded in 2010, Cyrus is part of the modern, innovative members of the independent watchmaking scene. Its watches, most of them characterized by bold, contemporary designs and signature cushion-shaped cases, often feature three-dimensional architecture that houses atypical layouts – most of them developed by Jean-François Mojon, from Chronode. Following the recently introduced Klepcys GMT Retrograde, with its bold take on the traveller’s watch, the brand comes back this time with something rather special and mechanically impressive, a watch that features not one but two monopusher chronographs, totally independent and controlled over the same dial. Sounds complex? It is, but let’s explain this new Cyrus Klepcys Dice Double Independent Chronograph Evolution. 

The name “Dice” is the acronym of Double Independent Chronograph Evolution, and what that means is that Cyrus and Mojon have developed an evolution of the traditional chronograph, with this innovative watch featuring a double chronograph capable of measuring two short intervals of time independently or in synchrony. However, let’s make something clear now, this must not be confused with a rattrapante or split-seconds chronograph, which features a single chronograph complication where the two hands track the time of two events that start simultaneously but end at different times or indicate an intermediate elapsed time. The first report of a double independent chronograph dates back to 1873 when watchmaker Arnold Frankfeld registered the development of his ‘Double-Stop Movements’ at the New York patent office. And since then, this rare complication has not been seen.

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The idea behind the creation of this watch came from Cyrus’ partnership with the Uralkali Haas Formula 1 Team. As Mojon explains: “In many sports, it is often important to measure elapsed times with different starting times. This occurs, for example, in races like marathons or biathlons where athletes do not cross the starting line at the same time or even in Formula 1, where two drivers, during the race tests, start at different times (…) A similar situation arises in car rallies, where it is common to use two independent chronographs.” With this in mind, Mojon “just” had to find a solution to bring two chronographs into a single movement. Challenge accepted and completed.

The Cyrus Klepcys Dice is a watch where most of the drama appears dial side. The double chronograph module is positioned dial side and is visible through a sapphire crystal dial that offers a clear view. The whole idea of having two chronographs means two sets of wheels, springs, levers and, of course, two column wheels that each activate one of the chronographs – and this is why it could have been confused with a rattrapante.

To make sure that legibility remains optimal, Cyrus plays with two distinct colour schemes found all around the watch – on the hands, on the crowns, on the column wheels and the corresponding tracks. One of the chronographs uses red; the other uses blue. And one is positioned traditionally with its hands and column wheel at 12 o’clock and the monopusher in the crown at 3 o’clock. And the other is reversed with the hands and column wheel at 6 o’clock and is actuated by the monopusher at 9 o’clock. You’ll also notice that the starting points of the hands (for both the central seconds and the 30-minute counter), the 60 marks if you prefer, are also mirrored. The rest of the display is classic, with central hours and minutes and a small seconds at 9 o’clock.

The impressive chronograph mechanism is treated in a typical Cyrus way, with modern colours and angular shapes, yet still traditional in the technical solutions and decoration. The view through the sapphire dial reveals a complex, architectural design that leaves no doubt about the complexity of this watch and the unique complication that sits inside. Under the sapphire caseback, one can see the base movement, an automatic calibre with 4Hz frequency and 60h power reserve. The backside decoration is also contemporary, with NAC-treated bridges, an embossed sunray pattern, and a combination of satin-brushed and polished surfaces.

The case of this Cyrus Klepcys Dice Double Independent Chronograph relies on the brand’s signature design, meaning a modern cushion-shaped case with a combination of polished and brushed surfaces and a faceted bezel. This 42mm x 16.5mm watch, which is water-resistant to 100m, is available in two editions. The first has a natural (uncoated) grade 5 titanium case; the other, also in grade 5 titanium, is black coated with DLC. Each watch is worn on a grey Cordura fabric strap with a folding clasp in the same material as the case, and an additional black rubber strap is also included.

Availability & Price

The Cyrus Klepcys Dice Double Independent Chronograph is limited to 50 pieces in each case material, either in natural titanium or black DLC-coated titanium, priced respectively at EUR 31,000 or EUR 32,000.

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