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Concord C2 GraffitiGrey reviewed for Watchonista

| By Frank Geelen | 1 min read |

You might have noticed the banner with the word “Watchonista” in RED, here on Monochorme. Watchonista is linking-pin website, connecting a select group of bloggers, watch brands and other media… and of course watch enthusiasts!

The good folks of Watchonista asked me to review the Concord C2 GraffitiGrey and within a short time, the watch was delivered to the Monochrome office by the Concord brand manager. Four espressos (two each) and a nice chat later, I was handed over the new Concord C2 GraffitiGrey… for a review. Now that’s a great way to collaborate!

Concord C2 GraffitiGrey

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I’ve worn the Concord over a period of 4 weeks, shown it to friends, colleagues and other watch enthusiasts. That’s the way to gather information for a review. Especially wearing a watch for a longer period of time, will reveal sides that you wouldn’t have noticed in an hour while trying it in a boutique, or even in one day of wearing. The proof of the pudding is in eating it, and this also counts for our beloved timepieces.

You can read my full review and see all photos here at Watchonista.

This article is written by Frank Geelen, executive editor for Monochrome Watches.

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