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Circula Is Working On A New Field Watch, And You Can Decide What It’ll Look Like

Calling up the community: Circula is working on a new range of field watches, and you can participate in its design.

| By Robin Nooy | 3 min read |

The Power of the People can be a magnificent thing in many ways. Quite literally, it can get things done. To use that in determining a new direction for your company, or even design a new range of products can be very wise. You get real-world input for your product, you can make sure no detail is overlooked, and you even get feedback from potential customers. Circula Watches, the resurrected German watchmaking brand known for its affordable yet cool sports watches, has done just that and is working on a mechanical field watch collection, and wants your help!

We’ve covered Circula Watches quite regularly since it was relaunched, as we think the brand, under the management of Cornelius Huber, does something very interesting. It offers a mix of vintage-styled watches, often modelled after historical pieces, with modern technology and materials. Besides that, it also gives you options and upgrades, with proper Swiss-made mechanical movements at a very reasonable price point. Case in point: the AquaSport II, a robust 1970s-inspired diver with a Sellita SW 200-1 under the hood.

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After several very appealing dive watches, Circula thinks it is time for another fan-favourite segment, the Field Watch. Cornelius already hinted at something like this in a recent interview, and it now starts to materialize. And the kicker is, you can join in! You can be part of the design process, and cast your votes on all available options. Pretty much every detail of the design, except for the movement, can be voted on. Even the name ProTrail under which the watch is currently known is a working title and not set in stone yet.

If you check out the current co-creation page on Circula’s website, you can see that it will be equipped with a Sellita SW 200-1 automatic movement. Circula also mentions that it will cost EUR 749 during the pre-order phase, which will be bumped to EUR 799 when it is officially launched. There’s also a timeline, which indicates that the design will be finalized by March, the prototypes will be ready in May or June and the pre-order phase starts just after summer with first deliveries in October.

So what are your options then? Well to make things simple, here’s what you can vote on:

  • Name of the watch (multiple options, and open to suggestions)
  • Size of the case (38, 39 or 40mm)
  • Two different case designs
  • Three dial designs
  • Three different sets of hands
  • A choice between two logo-types
  • Seven different colour combinations, including a DLC coated case

Even though not every little detail of information is available as of now, it’s pretty cool you can get involved in a watch’s design to such an extent. It’s smart thinking, and we see this happening more often. And it’s not the first time Circula employed the help of the community, as that’s how the AquaSport and SuperSport came to life.

It makes for a compelling story to tell and will result in a watch many people will surely like to own in a couple of months. And when the time comes, we will very likely be giving you an update on the progress!

For more information, and to cast your votes now, please visit and check out the ProTrail co-creation. Well done Circula, yet again!

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