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Chronoswiss Creates CryptoCurrency-Inspired Watches To Be Auctioned Via Exchange Platform Zaif

| By Brice Goulard | 2 min read |

In its latest press release, Swiss watchmaker Chronoswiss has announced the creation of several CryptoCurrency-inspired watches. What comes today as a piece of news is actually the result of a process undertaken a few months ago, when the brand announced that it would accept payment in Bitcoin (as reported by HDK here). The second step is even more surprising, with several dedicated models to be auctioned via the cryptocurrency exchange platform Zaif.

It is no surprise to see more and more exchanges done via cryptocurrencies. These virtual currencies are trendy – as well as being highly controversial – and to meet demand various exchange platforms have been created where multiple goods can be purchased. What is more surprising, however, is to see a luxury watch manufacturer embracing the concept and allowing payments with virtual money – not something very Swiss, you’ll admit. Yet, in October 2017, Chronoswiss announced that it would accept payment for its watches in Bitcoin.

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Following this first step, the brand is now moving forward with the introduction of several limited editions inspired by these cryptocurrencies, which will be auctioned on a dedicated platform. This exclusive series of cryptocurrency‐design watches is based on the Flying Regulator Open Gear – a watch we introduced to you in this article, showing a new, more modern design, as well as a new in-house regulator module. The following watches will soon be available for purchase, each in a limited edition of 101 pieces.

  • Bitcoin – the currency
  • NEM – the harvest
  • Ethereum – the contract
  • Zaif – the exchange
  • COMSA – the token

The first model available will be the Bitcoin watch. All models will display a regulator movement with off‐centre hours and seconds displays, skeletonised bridges and gears on the dial side, a 3D dial and, on each edition, a dedicated 3D motif of the partnership in question. The Bitcoin watch has a black DLC-coated case, a black dial and several gold-coloured accents, including the “B” logo integrated into the small second at 6 o’clock, as well as being embossed on the dial as a recurring motif.

The limited edition watches can be purchased by anyone registered on Zaif. The corresponding auctions will take place within specified time frames between April 13 to 27, with the watches listed in the same way as tokens. Customers must place their bids as buy orders. The 101 highest bids per model will give the respective bidders legal ownership of one crypto‐design watch – same process as the one used to buy cryptocurrency. The lowest bidding price will be CHF 9,000 worth of tokens. The auction can be explored on this dedicated page and the watches discovered here.

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